Friday, March 25, 2005

It's Friday. It's Good.

I finally cashed in a SnG on FT last night, taking down a second, which should have been a first. After it was finished I started playing on a Limit table but logged off after about 15 minutes because I was tilting. Yes, that’s right, I tilted because of a second place finish. The specifics are unimportant, I’m just sick of completely dominated hands hitting their 1,2, and 3-outers all of the time. I realize my complaints don’t hold much water since I’m ahead on FT, but sometimes knowledge and feelings take a while to get aligned.

Now, Tales from the Seriously Deluded. On the news they had Terry Shiavo’s sister on saying that they are intentionally murdering a healthy 41 year old. Healthy? If you can’t live without a feeding tube, I don’t think the word healthy can be applied here. Oh yeah, since I don’t have an actual living will, I thought I would say something here. If I’m ever in a state like that, let me die. If you don’t let me die and drag the whole thing through an embarrassing and shameful public spectacle I swear I will come back to haunt and terrorize you for the rest of your life. I have a feeling I’d make one ugly apparition, plus I would be extra pissed off at being obligated to terrorize. I want to be lazy when I'm dead.

There was something else last night that bothered me a bit. While I played poker, we of course had The Apprentice on while waiting for The Office premier. In the boardroom, DT almost fired some guy because he chewed tobacco. OK, I acknowledge that chewing on a task/job is unprofessional, but that didn’t even figure in. DT was just ripping him because he chewed, not where. He said, “I don’t want someone working for me that chews tobacco.” Yes, chewing is a disgusting habit (IMO more disgusting than smoking, but I’m a smoker so I’m biased), but imagine the brouhaha that would have erupted had he said “I don’t want any people that eat too much and get fat working me, it’s disgusting.”

You like beets? That’s disgusting, I can’t have you working for me. You part your hair on THAT side? You use Aqua-Fresh and not Colgate?

I think now would be an appropriate time to break out the South Park episode with The Museum of Tolerance. C’mon now, Donald. You can do better than that.

Everyone remember to break out the Paas and the Peeps and have a Good Friday. Fuck that, have a Great Friday.