Monday, March 28, 2005

Me Play Good Poker One Day

Oh Boy, Vegas just keeps getting closer. CJ is almost finished with the RSVP list, and it seems as though there will be no shortage of degenerates meeting up for some great fun. I am extremely pumped to meet everyone.

The bankroll continues slow (VERY slow) but steady progress, which is becoming frustrating. Last night, in the $2 Stars crapshoot, I clawed my way to 104th out of 2325, only to make a stupid call and knock myself out. After much reflection last night, I think part of my frustration is the fact that I still haven’t mastered myself (no pun intended) enough to hang on in the late stages of a tourney. I work hard, stay patient, and concentrate, only to blow it in the late stages. Heh, I guess that’s why I’m still playing the $2 crapshoot.

On Friday I decided to take the opportunity to remind myself why I don’t play NL cash games. I completely suck at them. I think the reason for this is the fact that I’ve been focusing on Limit and am still in that mindset, so after donating $25 because of an overplayed JJ, that’s where I headed, back to the Limit tables. I think Limit stays more appealing to me simply because if I make a nasty error like overplaying my JJ it doesn’t cost me nearly as much. Granted, I can’t make quite as much, but I’m not necessarily playing to make a ton of money. Yes, I still want to make money, but at the level I play, I think that keeping the bankroll on a even keel with no real wild swings will allow me to keep the focus on learning, improving, and eventually stepping up.

Rounding out today’s confessional post, I must admit that I still haven’t fully accepted the fact that there is no justice in this game. I’ve posted several times in the past about how I’m coming to grips with this, but last night proved that I still haven’t really done so, and it makes me feel like a relapsed alcoholic. After busting out of the crapshoot I watched Mrs. Head in the process of working over some seriously tight passive’s at a $5 SnG, when the following occurred. Mrs. Head (big stack) gets AJs in the BB, button limps (2nd big stack), SB completes. Mrs. Head raises to 5X BB (100/200 ante 25), button goes into the tank and calls, SB folds. Flop AJx, 2 diamonds. Mrs. Head pushes due to the diamonds on the board, and button calls off the rest of her money, and turns over 77, no diamond. Of course the turn spikes her 2-outer, leaving the Mrs. with about T800, which she lost about 3 hands later.

Cue the Human Head Hiroshima Tilt.

I think what really caused it was the choruses of ‘Great Call’ and ‘Great Play’ that followed the unlikely win. Even the girl who won thought it was a great play, not even for a second acknowledging how supremely lucky it was.

So, new rule. No more watching Mrs. Head play poker, at least until such time as I can develop an emotional IQ that is higher than that of a infant monkey. Perhaps a lobotomy would help. As we prepared for bed I decided to revisit SSHE since it’s been a few months, and it is something I need to do a bit more often with my poker literature. It made me feel much better to see that I have actually made some progress in my game. I found that I had really absorbed some of the lessons it contains, and as well highlighting some lessons that I had overlooked the first couple of times through.

With that in mind, I need to get a new book. I waffling between HEPFAP and The Theory of Poker. For those that have read these, what is your opinion? I want HEPFAP, but I think it would just confuse my game at it’s current level, so Theory of Poker is a better choice methinks. I love that word. Methinks. OK, just one more time. Methinks.

Talk to you all later.