Friday, March 24, 2006

Almost there

Hello boys and girls, ladies and gents, Herr’s und Frau’s. Greeting and warm salutations.

Finally posting again is making me nervous, like when you’ve been out of touch with that sort-of-friend for a while. You finally decide to call (or write, as the case may be) before the already tenuous link decides to break completely. Using a technique gleaned from “polite” society the only thing I know to do is forge ahead as though I haven’t been away for two weeks and pray that you join me in my charade.

So what have the last two weeks been like? Unabated craziness, but the good kind. My Bloglines are black as night with unread posts, which is really a good thing since it will be a few days before our stuff catches up with us. I foresee plenty of time to play catch-up during the later stages of next week.

Once again, I must express my thanks and appreciation for all of the concern regarding my mum. At this time, the doctors (in all of their doctorly wisdom) are completely baffled. Turns out she doesn’t have Wegener’s, even though she has every single symptom. Since no one even has a hypothesis at this point, they are simply treating her symptoms and keeping a close eye on things (with the oh-so gentle prodding of my parents’ figurative whip). I find myself lately wishing for the Wegener’s because not knowing anything definitive is unnerving. However, the treatment that she is receiving seems to be providing some relief, so I would say that, at least for now, we are out of the imminent doom zone.

There was a bright spot amidst all of the stress. Maudie came and visited! We had a wonderful evening eating and hanging out, and even got to bother some folks via the tried and true dial-a-shot. Apologies to those recipients of dial-a-shot voicemail, the details of said voicemails are a bit hazy as I was ridiculously altered.

You should see my little black book. It’s full of notes and goings on for the last two weeks to the point of bursting. Two days ago, I finished the last of my schoolwork and now can lay claim to being one of those that possesses a “higher” education. Yipee, now I can take a break before jumping onto the next hamster wheel.

Expect an outpouring when we land in Phoenix on the 29th or 30th. I envision posts rife with grandiose idiocy to the point you’ll be begging me to go on hiatus again because you can hear your brain liquefying :)