Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Hey there, old friend! Smell that smell? Yep, I know ya do. It’s that sweet familiar smell of winter in the fucking Midwest. Monday-70 degrees, wind 5-10 mph. Tuesday—30 degrees, wind 40-55 gdiiwtfdmph (that’s goddamn it, I want to fucking die Miles per Hour). Every year it’s the same damn thing, old man winter wakes up and realizes he’s way behind schedule and so proceeds to shit on the entire region. Don’t think I’m just sitting here complaining, though. I’m actually sitting here complaining while actively working to get the hell out of this land that time forgot.

And since I’m on a complaining run, I might as well see it to the end. I’ve been pondering the last few weeks just why people feel it necessary to signal when going from on-ramp to highway. The on-ramp ends, it’s going to force you onto the highway proper, you don’t need to let everyone know because, surprise!, they already do. Why don’t any of them feel like a signal is necessary when decide to coast to a nearly complete stop before turning in some completely unspecified direction?

Oh hell, this whining is already tedious so I’ll shut up. Just know that every day I wish upon a star to be around folks that have an IQ higher than the speed limit.

Waitaminute…**puts hand on head and concentrates real hard**

I think I’m getting a vision of some sort….

Yes! There it is!

It appears that my wish will be granted on Dec. 9th

Shit. That’s still too far away.

And if your wondering, the answer is “yes”, I plan on going on in this manner until Mrs. Head and I arrive to the sounds of –EV bells and whistles.

For those who might care, I’ve played some poker but not much. The little I have played has gone well, so it’s at least nice to know that the little skill that exists is not completely gone. My energies and copious amounts of time are being sucked down by NaNoWriMo, but I will get into a full-time poker swing the week prior to the WBPT event, as this seems to be the optimal amount of time to have a peak poker pump going then we land.

Oh yes, one last thing. For the Storming of the Castle messaging blitz I have Performify on my list, but that’s it so far as it seems everyone has been covered. If you got missed, just send me an email and I will make sure you get a shout.

Tired…must medicate….talk to you all laaateeeeeer!