Saturday, August 26, 2006

Just Ten

A Ten Minute Friday. Or Early Saturday. I can’t keep track.

I can’t stop not blogging. I find myself wanting to, but something always manages to keep me away. With this in mind, I’ll be biting off of everyone else who does the ten minute writing exercise….thingy.

Shit, 9 minutes left.

I hate home improvement/handyman bullshit; it’s way too much like real work. However, in the spirit of trying to at least pull something positive out of the overwhelming negativity of the day to day of late, I will say this: It goes along way in helping soothe the stress/frustration/anger of said day to day. Once I realized “Hey, I’m too fucking tired to be too pissed off” I thought maybe I should try and step it up and do more. Then I realized that despite the benefits, I still hate it—just like I know not smoking is good for me but the chances of me actually going through with the “not” portion is a ways off. I also realized something else…..

That Bob Villa guy must’ve been full of rage to do as much home improvement as he did. It’s really the only rational explanation.

(now that’s just idiotic)

4 minutes left. How did five minutes just go by for one paragraph?

I’ve had to deal with nothing but non-stop bullshit from telco’s and their mind-numbingly idiotic inner workings just to get a fucking trouble ticket put in on a circuit that went down. It belongs to PacBell. Which is really SBC. Which is really AT&T (it’s all ATT now after the re-merging of everything, putting us basically right back to where we were before the Bell breakups-I continually question whether any breakups actually happened).

But AT&T can’t help me. On this particular circuit they will only take tickets from Wiltel, aka Level III Communications aka fo fuck your mother you stupid fucking telco. So I have to call them instead and they will call ATT to put in a ticket. Forget logic, that never worked for anyone. I’ll take “Why is this considered okay in any way” for $2000, Alex. A call to Wiltel and, oh fantastic, they don’t even take any calls until 6AM. But I can leave a message. And now…..

I’m still on hold with Avaya, and have been for the last hour and fifteen minutes.

And people wonder why there are random acts of violence. All I know is there are some weeds in my yard that are gonna get FUCKED UP when I get home.

0 minutes left.