Friday, October 21, 2005

Here I Am!

I’m back, bitches.

Let me answer the first question that I’m sure is on the mind of every man, woman, and child….

You were gone for a bit over 2 months. What were you doing all of that time? More importantly, what were you doing that made you such an absolutely fabulous poker player?

Well, it’s a sizeable and arduous answer, try I will try to give you a brief summation.. But first, ask yourself this: “What must happen to all heroes if they are to break out into the big time?”

Training Montage.

Think of all the great ones. The Karate Kid. Rocky. Kickboxer.

That’s right, I did all of them, in a combined super-hybrid ultra-get-you-totally- pumped montage.

If you work out and believe in yourself, you too can achieve this level of mastery. By harnessing the underdog spirit and invoking super-suckout power mojo, you too can duck, weave, and flying spin roundhouse your way to the final table.

Try my system. It’s only 20 easy payments, of $39.99 O.A.C. After setting up automatic payments, I will give you the key to my custom FrontPage website so you too can harness your power montage underdog potential.

Thanks for all the cheers tonight, everyone. Can’t wait to do it next week.

I’m back, bitches.