Friday, December 29, 2006

“AT&T’s New Warhammer Nearly Complete," say FCC blacksmiths.

With a few new “concessions” to appease Democrats (damn the consumer), AT&T’s acquisition of BellSouth draws ever closer and is nigh unstoppable at this point given that the deal may be approved as early as today.

(Reuters)” The No. 1 U.S. telephone carrier said it would sell off certain wireless airwaves in the 2.5 gigahertz band, offer a $19.95 per month stand-alone basic high-speed Internet service and for up to 24 months would not charge content providers like Google Inc.[…] to speed their services to consumers.

Heading briefly down memory lane, let’s revisit an interview of Chairman and CEO Ed Whiteacre by BusinessWeek on 11/07/2005.

How concerned are you about Internet upstarts like Google […], MSN, Vonage, and others?

How do you think they're going to get to customers? Through a broadband pipe. Cable companies have them. We have them. Now what they would like to do is use my pipes free, but I ain't going to let them do that because we have spent this capital and we have to have a return on it. So there's going to have to be some mechanism for these people who use these pipes to pay for the portion they're using. Why should they be allowed to use my pipes?”

Besides the shocking hubris evident in the declaration that the “pipes” are HIS, it demonstrates nothing less than an unhinged mental state—one that knows nothing save logic (however twisted) that supports, and is motivated exclusively by, the increase of profit and control. As well, judging from recent actions on the part of the latest administration croney, FCC Chairman Martin, any hopes for future FCC actions or practices in the public interest are dim indeed.

Net Neutrality
recently won a notable battle in its efforts to not be disemboweled. However, it should be remembered and noted also that there still exists no meaningful or forceful legislation protecting the concept—any wording that would have done so was forcefully kept out of the newest telecom legislation, still leaving Net Neutrality on very shaky ground. Keep this in mind as we proceed.

All of the above mentioned (and much, much more) adds up to nothing more than AT&T, Inc. (as opposed to the old AT&T, Corp. that was broken up in 1984—wow, it’s amazing just how completely different both are) and the FCC holding the following discussion:

AT&T: Hi, FCC, nice to see you again! Been what, bit over 20 years? **hand-shaking, passing of lobby money and gifts** We’d like to go ahead and acquire BellSouth now. See, we’ve decided we want to achieve monstrosity status beyond that of our former selves, but to do that we need to take this next step. What this will do is give us the warhammer we need to begin bludgeoning pesky problems like new technologies and business models that are preventing the growth of our money mountain.
FCC: Most of the public won’t care, but some of them are gonna scream pretty loud about this.
AT&T: Just don’t mention it to them.
CITIZEN: Hey, waitaminute. Not cool. Don’t businesses and consumers already pay for a “pipe”? If they need more capacity don’t they have to pay for it already?

AT&T: **looks at FCC**
FCC: Bailiff, this is a closed session.
**tasers CITIZEN**
FCC: **faces AT&T** That would be nice, but probably won’t work. Some of those bastards are f****n nosy.
AT&T: But we’ve given you and Congress over
$230 million since ’98! What the hell?
FCC: **shrugs** Weeeell, inflation and all…..we might need for you to give some “concessions” so the dough-brained Dems will get on board.
AT&T: How about this—You give us the warhammer we need, we’ll promise not to use it on the public or other companies for, saaaaaay, up to 24 months?
FCC: **looks around** Dems?
DEMS: Huh? Where are we?
FCC: Up To 24 months is a long time, right? I mean, it’s practically forever.
DEMS: Yeah. Good, great, grand, wonderful—just do whatever. We have to figure out whose wagon we want to jump on for 2008—can’t screw that one up. **proceed to talking amongst themselves again** Obama was really cute in his speech yesterday. I know, but did you see Hillary? I think she just got her hair did; I’m thinking of getting mine like that.
FCC: **turns back to AT&T** I think we’re good.
AT&T: Thanks, we’ll let George know you can keep the job.

These concessions serve to let us know one important thing above all else. AT&T is of the mind that within 24 months of merger approval, further legal maneuvers and lobbying will enable them to put their new giant hammer to use. And if it takes longer, so what? Nothing will be lost, and it might work out better if they do just wait beyond that period. If the period of 24 months is exceeded, they can trump up how magnanimous they’ve been for so long, but due to economic “conditions” and stagnant growth in profits, they must start charging for the “free pipes” they’ve been “giving away” for so long. After all, if they can’t charge for using the “free pipes” they just might collapse.

What a tragedy that would be.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006


"I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace."
---George Bush (Washington, D.C. June 18, 2002)

"See, free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don't attack each other. Free nations don't develop weapons of mass destruction."
---George Bush (Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 3, 2003)

**deep inhale**

**deep exhale**

[I’m taking five here in order to pace and employ desperately amateur and doomed to fail yoga breathing exercises that I can vaguely remember being demonstrated by a “personal trainer” in a Miami Vice-inspired leotard one night on a commercial that informed me I, too, could be privy to this forbidden and ancient knowledge for 3 easy payments of $19.95]

In a few days we’ll begin the journey into 2007. The New Year. But calling it a new year right now just seems so old and outdated. Time magazine already boggled and dazzled our eagerly tuned senses by declaring each and every one of us ‘Person of the Year’, so I say we have them declare 2007 to be something equally amazing. Here’s one they could use—2007: A New Way Forward.

They must strike while the iron is hot, though. The administration's PR machine is beginning to swell up for a new thrust that’s sure to spray a white hot load of creamy neoconservative resolve right down our collective throat. Many have already caught the whiff of public relation pheromones and are steadily becoming more hot and bothered with new talking point anticipation, but if Time can be the first to declare it then there’s no telling how high the bar of ecstatic frenzy could be raised as we look forward to hearing about what’s going to happen with Iraq—once the Decider feels comfortable, of course.

Plus it would make Time, like, the most patriotic American magazine ever.

And forget Mylar on the cover, it’s way too static. In our globalized, connected, fast-paced, business and consumer tastes move quickly so companies have to be nimble, action item, mover and shaker, up the ladder, 7 Habits, cheese moving, “Holy Christ my SUV and penis are both too small I gotta upgrade” world, we demand our content be served to us dynamically. Give us something to play with that doesn’t hold still.

(will someone please escort Mr. Foley and Mr. Haggerty from the room and try to explain to them why “like little boys” is not an acceptable suggestion for meeting that last demand? Thanks. Also, please inform Mr. Hastert that aside from little boys not being acceptable for an answer, “Twinkies” do not count either.)

For this venture an enterprising, globally distributed magazine might want to get with Nintendo. Not only would it be a victory for diplomacy and general international relations, it could mean co-ownership of several lucrative new patents.

The cover could have an arrow. Not just any arrow, but a big white and red one (giving a somber and well-placed ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ nod to the base) with a stars and stripes “YOU” on it (another somber nod to anyone who’s not a terrorist). Here’s where Nintendo comes in—by adapting the new Wii controller technology just a bit, they could help Time make it so the new arrow on the cover points constantly to Iraq. It won’t matter which way you’re facing or at which level the magazine is being held. Always pointing at Iraq.

A patriotic compass, if you will. Just like George.

Sky’s the limit here—think of all the exclusive partnership opportunities, the merchandising, the glorious “viral” marketing campaigns!

Time and Hasbro could partner on a new UN Joe GI Joe line. Joe’s will have heads (built with Wii technology) that always face Iraq because they’re dedicated to fighting the tricky and dastardly 21st-century Cobras who got tans and grew beards—collect the whole set!

The GPS in the arrow could facilitate all manner of exciting contests. Whoever (in a properly diverse but randomly chosen city section) can win the new “Find Osama” contest while walking most consistently in the direction of Iraq (using the handy arrow, of course) wins a year’s supply of 24-Hour surveillance from the President and Cingular. That’s a lot of safety!

(Disclaimer: Winner will receive the Grand Prize of 24-Hour surveillance for the duration of one year from the President and Cingular upon purchase of a monthly plan at a price minimum of $69.99 on approved credit and upon the signing of a Contract Agreement of 3 years or greater. Does not include applicable taxes, surcharges, or fees. Cost of phone is not included. Penalty for Early Termination is $1700 or 3% of the winners gross wages summed over the last five years, whichever is greater.)

And if you don’t happen to be patriotic enough to win the contest, don’t worry. All “alternatively placed” finishers will be sure to get a consolation phone call from Tony Snow, encouraging them to “take a deep, cleansing breath."

Thanks, Tony. Tried that already. Didn’t help.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Taking it seriously

Here is a comment from friend and Pai Gow powerhouse, EasyCure, (who has had to deal with some seriously tilt-inducing pre-holiday circumstances, so go wish him well) followed by a response.


“You quote a website that thinks the Bush administration is about to impose martial law and open detention camps?
You are a very nice guy but you can't take that stuff seriously.”

I can’t take it seriously? Really? Why not? Even though all of said articles (from the site which I should not take seriously) are basically reprints of releases by other news organizations like AP, Reuters, and other international media?

What about if I read about it
Portland IndyMedia, which is only quoting from MarketWatch out of San Francisco? Too gay? How about a FOX article?

“The contract, awarded in January to Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR), a subsidiary of defense contractor Halliburton Co., pays the company to establish and provide support for “temporary detention and processing capabilities to augment existing ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs,” according to a Halliburton press release.”

“Rapid development of new programs” may not be too open-ended for you when it comes to the subject of detention camps but as far as I’m concerned it is nowhere close to being well-defined. Frankly it boggles the mind how anyone can be without concern, especially with the combination of other wonderful things hanging over our heads such as Patriot Acts I and II, The Military Commissions Act, and The John Warner Defense Authorization Act, to name just a few. How about Glenn Beck and his recently amped-up rhetoric encouraging the interment of Muslims to detention camps? He seems to be pretty convinced that Federal power to do so exists and he has been continually encouraging them to use it. Do you really think it will be a problem for some faceless Federal authority to declare you an “enemy combatant” and toss you or me in a camp, as well, invoking similar baseless assertions if the Party line is not toed? After all, proof is no longer required. This is the new “War on Terror” and all of us are guilty until proven innocent.

How about the written plans of the
US Army for Civilian Inmate Labor Programs (pdf) and the tools possessed within it?

Don’t even get me started on the great numbers of secret Executive Orders signed over the last few decades (rest assured, I will start myself and beat on those in the future.)

Perhaps I shouldn’t take those seriously either, since there are some lesser-known links mixed in with the “notables”.


While the above may be deemed as too sarcasm-heavy for dialogue between friends, I can only say that I will vigorously defend (or in the Cheney vernacular, “robustly” defend) what I write because a great deal of research and effort goes into it.

The only thing made clear by this comment is that I pricked a nerve somewhere and you are in the beginning stages of trying to convince yourself that I’m looney-tunes. That’s fine--I don’t blame you for this reaction and I hold no ill-will because of it. Hell, I spent many weeks trying to prove to myself that I was losing it. Thing is, the more I dug into the pile the more my thoughts were proven correct instead of the other way around, necessitating a difficult look at a great many ugly and frightening things. This left me at a serious crossroads. Namely, do I continue ignoring the problem by retreating back to the Propaganda Box to be sated by the baseless assertions and partial-truths spouted by talking heads (please ignore the wholly unintentional pun) who do as they're told, or do I face the scare-the-shit-outta-me truth and learn more about it like I should have been during the many years that I’ve squandered in servitude to television’s “infotainment”?

The direction I chose is plainly obvious at this point and I will not shrink from it. The only question is, will you? Will you actually read (not skim) all of the articles (instead of immediately denouncing an unfamiliar site), follow the sources, and really think about them? Will you go out and research yourself to find the answers to questions you may still have lingering in the back of your mind?

It’s not an easy thing to do. There’s a reason it’s called television “programming.”

If you find I’m truly wrong about something, please show me, I desperately want to know. What sweet relief it would be to find out that I’m wrong, that none of this stuff really exists, and that everything is going to be just fine. Feel free to imply that I’m nutso all day long, but when you do so, make sure you’re also coming with some substantial reasons why that are rooted in logic and documentation. Not because you owe it to me, but because you owe it to yourself and your family.

My links should only get you thinking, get you started. Don’t blindly take the word of this talking Head, go find out for yourself.

Stop Believing. Start Knowing.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Before and After Accessories

Rather than continuing to grinch my way through the [insert bipartisan, politically-correct, non-offensive, religio/ethno celebratory event designation here--or “non” as certain individuals may be] Season by focusing on persons or smaller subsections, I thought today might be a nice day to shift the focus to a larger group. This group includes you. The same group also includes me.

The group is Every Single Ordinary American.

The level of society where you currently happen to reside matters not. Young or old, rich or poor, if you pay taxes at all you are a part of this group. In the end it is all in the same large pool, a pool stricken by a financial fungus spread almost too far to comprehend. However, the current leprosy-ridden financials of the nation are not the current point. I only mention it in order to stress that a goodly portion of your money goes into that pool.

There is proof upon proof that there was no justified reason to go to war in Iraq. Americans have funded, bled, and died for what amounts to a (nearly complete) corporate takeover of government alongside wars of aggression that serve only to sow death and destruction, with the aim of reaping power and profit. While many are finally beginning to wake up intellectually to the fact, it can be counted on that
70% at least realize it instinctually.

Then why, pray tell, are we not only allowing, but funding, this drive in policy and practice that seeks to destroy and control not just others but us, as well?

We are allowing and funding structures controlled by people that foment nothing but death, destruction, aggression, arrogance, and fear. They are people (some who you know, and many that you don’t) exhibiting no other traits than those of sheer lunacy.

(oh the slander....oh the defamation.)


While everyone hollies and jollies it up, in many cases by astutely adhering to the presidential directive to “go shopping”, a few other things happened this weekend that are neither holly nor jolly. General Casey, it seems, is now willing to back an increase in US troops in Iraq, even though, until very recently, he has been outspokenly opposed to the idea. Of peculiar note is not only the sudden reversal of viewpoint, but also the distinct lack of explanation for said reversal. This is another example of the government requiring you to a) listen better or b) think harder, if you are of the mind that it’s impossible to be opposed to something while at the same time being “open to it.”

a draft would be good for society, but we don’t support it or plan to use it)

Congruent with this is some interesting news from the

“When President George W Bush meets his national security team at his Texan ranch this week to draw up a new military strategy for Iraq, a 56-slide PowerPoint presentation entitled Choosing Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq will be at the heart of their discussion.”

Aside from the title smacking of blatant propaganda in the extreme, you should be aware of who came up with the "Choosing Victory" strategy, our very own Frederick Kagan over at the American Enterprise Institute along with assistance from General Jack Keane. Frederick Kagan, if you’ll remember, was a signatory on the PNAC document Rebuilding America’s Defenses, and who is related to PNAC co-founder Robert Kagan. Really, the entire roster of associated folks boggles the mind and is astonishing in the fact that these are the same people who played large roles in getting us neck deep in the Iraq quagmire in the first place.

George Bush is once again favoring a plan brought to you by the same people that helped to cause, and seek to prolong, a tragedy that is of truly epic proportions.


While it didn’t happen on Christmas Eve Day, but did happen over the [insert bipartisan, politically-correct, non-offensive, religio/ethno celebratory event designation here--or “non” as certain individuals may be] Weekend, the
UN also approved sanctions against Iran. Have you been to this puppet show? Have you seen these strings before? It was only a short time ago when there were strict sanctions against Iraq. Who wants to lay me odds that it won’t be very long before we start to hear the same increasingly shrill cries about how ineffective the UN sanctions are, and that the only way they can be effective is to move ahead with military actions and attack?


70% of Americans do not support this war, yet we lend our tacit support by not demanding that our representatives, be they Democrat or Republican, end it immediately. Rest assured that if we allow a third war to be launched, knowing the things we now know, then there will truly be little hope for us or our figurative "way of life". Our infrastructure will continue being handed over to foreigners as our economy continues it’s acceleration toward an abrupt bottom. The world will increasingly point their fingers toward us as being responsible for catastrophes throughout the world—and they will largely be correct in doing so--they will welcome our demise and feel relieved by it. Our politicians will walk away rich and free while We the People bear the inevitable consequences (unfortunately this is not limited to the US--Britons are under a very advanced and corrupt government thumb, as well).

If I tell you give me money and I use that money to cause massive death and
increasingly encroach upon your existence (and lie about it), when I come back and ask for more are you going to give it to me? What if I tell you it’s “for democracy” as I change suits? Will that do it? What if I throw in a timely reminder about how scary brown people are?

Why do you let the government do it?

If you have been tricked into something that is wrong, then a true plausible deniability may exist. However, once you know (or at least have an instinctive, 70%-type, idea) of what’s going on and you continue to support it (tacitly, vocally, financially, etc.), you become an accessory after the fact (Iraq) and an accessory before (Iran).

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

What goes around comes around.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Stand up and do not let it happen—
while you still can. Stop letting yourselves be criminally entrapped (through slow and steady increments) by the very people who claim to be working in our best interest. Put a stop to the financing of your destruction.

Merry [insert bipartisan, politically-correct, non-offensive, religio/ethno celebratory event designation here--or “non” as certain individuals may be] !


Friday, December 22, 2006

Welcome to the Machine

I wonder how many kids will be turning 18 this year. This being Christmas weekend I’m going to give myself a break and not track down the census info. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the answer is a lot.

Do you hear an engine that sounds vaguely familiar? It’s been dormant for some time, but the
gears of Selective Service are turning once again.

“The agency is planning a comprehensive test - not run since 1998 - of its military draft systems, a Selective Service official said. The test itself would not likely occur until 2009. Scott Campbell, the service's director for operations and chief information officer, cautioned that the "readiness exercise" does not mean the agency is gearing up to resume the draft.”

Why does it not mean that? Oh, I see, it’s like a fire extinguisher—just in case.

“….the White House said Thursday that policy has not changed and no proposal to reinstate the draft is being considered.”

Wait, I could have sworn I read…..

WASHINGTON, Dec. 19 — President Bush said Tuesday that the United States should expand the size of its armed forces, acknowledging that the military had been strained by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and would need to grow to cope with what he suggested would be a long battle against Islamic extremism.

“I’m inclined to believe it’s important and necessary to do,” Mr. Bush said. He said this was an “accurate reflection that this ideological war we’re in is going to last for a while, and that we’re going to need a military that’s capable of being able to sustain our efforts and help us achieve peace.”

So what is this "just in case" business? He clearly stated that he wants a bigger force and that this will require a increasing the active component. Logistically, and in the face of serious recruiting problems, a draft (likely to be under the banner of National Service) is the only way to accomplish this stated goal.

President Bush’s Secretary for Veterans Affairs would like us all to begin cozying up to the idea that
a draft would be beneficial to society.

“He later issued a statement saying his comments had been misconstrued and thathe does not support bringing back the draft.”

Orwell had no idea what he was talking about. Just because two statements are fundamentally opposed doesn’t mean they can’t co-exist. It’s no different than the chocolate/vanilla Jell-O Pudding Pop or the Reeses Cup—just two great tastes that taste great together. If the two statements seem absolutely contradictory to you, well, that just means that a) you’re not listening close enough, or, b) you’re not thinking hard enough. It takes some time to overcome the fundamentals of logic, but I know you can do it. Remember, practice makes perfect.

As the family is gathered around the warm hearth of the television singing along to the Product Hymns this holiday season, don’t forget to (as you see news clips of Iraq whizzing by, if you see them at all) remind your kids that they will likely get to go there one day to “protect the Homeland.” Also, don’t forget to remind yourself incessantly that it’s all going to be okay eventually, it will all work itself out in time—even though in the back of your mind you still hear the echo’s of the sentiments beaten out to you from the elitist war drum.

This war is going to last generations. It will require additional and ongoing sacrifice.

Sacrifice. Provided by you, the working adults, in the form of your children and way of life. How’s that housing market smell? The Peso Dollar?

You may not have known that you wanted a meat-grinder for Christmas, and Santa probably missed it, too. But George knows what you want, and more importantly, he knows what you need, and by God, he’s going to make sure you get it.

George doesn’t cut and run when it comes to giving meat-grinders to his beloved sheeple.

Merry Christmas, everything is just fine.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

On Point

Hi there, how was your dystopia today?

Mine was good, thanks for asking.

did you have to pay any tolls today?


I watched Bush this morning in what was said to be his last press conference this year. You can watch the speech
here (click on the left-hand bar to watch it)

Quoth the President, “A recent report on retail sales show a strong beginning to the holiday shopping season across the country….And I encourage you all to go shopping more.”

I’m honored to know that I, too, can think in
as American (Express?) a manner as the man himself.

That’s right bitches, I just linked myself.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lessons from CNN and George

What did I learn today on CNN?

Let’s see. I learned that Laura Bush has a bit of the skin cancer on her leg. It’s good that I know that because it reminds me of the inherent and ever present danger posed by the (some might say, Islamofacist) sun. I learned that the search for the three hikers on the mountain is scaling down, but the “human drama” (and consequent news coverage) still has plenty of get up and go. I also was informed, however briefly, that the reports are out saying inflation has increased by 2%, rather than the expected 0.5%. Directly following this was an oblique report about how scary it was that holiday sales are lower than expected. It was the “expected” that got me thinking. Therefore, I, being a good American, promptly went out and maxed out all of my credit cards.

I’m not worried. Soon, everyone will do the same after realizing their obvious folly. See it works like this. If we buy more stuff (as analysts expect), the economy does good, and that makes us all feel good. It’s what being American is about. If one says that they don’t feel good about something, well, that just seems un-American, and that makes me feel not good. If I feel not good then it must mean that I am becoming un-American and I certainly don’t want that. I should probably go buy something now, just in case. I’m sure there’s a new upgrade to something out there that I need.

Here’s what I missed.

“Bush, who gave an interview to the newspaper on Tuesday, said he had instructed new Defense Secretary Robert Gates to report back to him with a plan to increase ground forces, the Post said.”

The article went on to state:

"It is an accurate reflection that this ideological war we're in is going to last for a while and that we're going to need a military that's capable of being able to sustain our efforts and to help us achieve peace," he said.

Why didn’t I see it before? It was probably all of that unbidden freedom of speech drowning out my ability to properly relax. Thanks to Newt telling me why, I’m firmly committed to shutting that stuff down ASAP. Remember, can’t relax, can’t feel good, can't be American. If you don’t feel good about the Glorious War, I don’t blame you, and neither does George. He realizes, like you probably do, that the reason you’re worried is that we’re losing. But he also realizes, like you probably don’t, that the reason we’re losing is that we haven’t thrown enough bodies onto the pyre. I mean, what do we expect? Any idiot knows that the only way to make peace is to deal more death, and to do that one has to have more troops. Jaysus, you people have no idea what it is to lead. You just go on your merry way not buying stuff and free speeching it up when the country has serious war business to attend to.

“Gen. James Conway, the commander of the U.S. Marine Corps, also has expressed concerns about the strains being placed on his force and suggested last month it may need to grow.”

Just like the economy. Is it coming into focus now? This is the call for all good Americans to get out there and “shock and awe” some analyst expectations with our mighty debt.

With the
largest ever naval deployment to Persian Gulf, a healthy injection of troops, and a grateful public wielding a mighty debt hammer, we’ll have those dangerous terrorists crushed in no time and then we can finally deal with that nasty sun.

Feels just like a Mission Accomplished.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Patrick Leahy-Opportunity Knocks

In the October of 2001 Senators Daschle and Leahy received some anthrax in the mail. Congress was completely shut down. In the beginnings of the oppressive hysteria that followed 9/11, this incident was the sneeze that sent America headlong over the edge of the abyss. Recall, if you will (and if you can’t recall, look it up), that these attacks conveniently targeted the two biggest detractors of the Patriot Act which at the time had a great deal of ramming force behind it—a Patriot Act that was sitting on John Ashcroft’s desk on Sept. 10 (for the numerically challenged, that’s before 9/11).

Five Years Later.

Five years and no updates—I wonder quite often these days why they haven’t been screaming much louder at this outrage much sooner. If this was you, or one of your family/friends, would you sit patiently and wait? And hey, perhaps they have been screaming long and loud, but the media just now decided it was time to let the braindeads know. It doesn’t seem too unreasonable seeing that the only thing that got any real news coverage beyond the sound bite (or what whizzed by on the hard-hitting ticker) in the US today was a serial killer suspect in Britain, a blurb about Robert Gates private swearing in ceremony, and three guys who are lost (and likely dead) on a mountain. Thank goodness there’s not too much else going on in the world—I might be inclined not to pay any attention to what they tell me (oh, wait).

Perhaps these Senators have been patient and hopeful because they have an idea of what they are really up against.

The thing that separates what happened to these senators (and their staff, some of whom were killed) from the rest of the folks involved was that it was anthrax in its most potent form--as in super weapons grade—a potency that, properly analyzed and investigated, would have led back to very few places, all of them within our government.

So says me? So says Robert Boyle. From the

“Boyle is a leading American professor, practitioner and advocate of international law. He was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, the American implementing legislation for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. He served on the Board of Directors of Amnesty International (1988-1992), and represented Bosnia- Herzegovina at the World Court. Professor Boyle teaches international law at the University of Illinois, Champaign. He holds a Doctor of Law Magna Cum Laude as well as a Ph.D. in Political Science, both from Harvard University.”

I’m sure if anyone is going to know about this subject, he likely will.

In case your curiosity still isn’t piqued—perhaps you would like to hear from the horses mouth (click to listen to the stream—Dr. Boyles interview will be in hour three and will keep refeeding until the next live stream tomorrow. If your reading this after 12/18 just dig around, you’ll find it.)

It was shortly after Dr. Boyles went to the FBI with his info that the spore database in Ames, IA was ordered destroyed. The FBI has been completely mum on the subject since the first Patriot Act was successfully rammed through. When this tyrannical piece of legislation came up for renewal and was facing a heavier resistance, the same pattern of activity repeated, only this time with alarms relating to nerve agents that cleared out the Senate.

All in a long line of government sponsored terror that has been with us for decades. I can’t help but wonder what our governmental nannies might have in store for us and/or the world over the holidays. Hopefully nothing. Perhaps they'll be taking a break with a tastefully thrown and terrorist-free holiday extravaganza hosted by Pastor Taggert. All you can eat gay hookers and meth--don't forget the navel mistletoe at the door!

This is government holding the reigns of our future. This is the administration, rife with war hungry neocons and Zionists, that is killing us. This is the government that seeks to intrude on your life in an ever-increasing manner. This is the government that, if it’s corruption was combined and placed in a photograph, would look like a leprosotic and overused hooker vagina pulsing with a virulent strain of ghonnorratic syphillitosis of the most advanced stage. This is our government that routinely tries, and often succeeds, with efforts to pass legislation that “helps” us by stripping one and all of every last liberty.
Pathetically ignorant legislators do what they are told as the bordering-on-retarded-but-oh-so-festivally-plump citizen mass heeds the droning clarion call for new and larger wars, new and larger heaps of human misery. The list is so long it threatens the very cycle of the 24 hour day just trying to mention it all.

Patrick Leahy will take his seat at the head of the table on the Senate Judiciary Committee when the new congress convenes in January, and it is there that he will have his greatest real opportunity to begin using his subpoena power to start the arrest of this frenetic unreality. It may also be the last, as he represents a final few that might have the integrity along with the courage to do so. It’s not just one of the last chances for him get closer to the truth personally, but a last chance for Americans to get closer to the truth as a country. Pray that he uses it. Demand that he use it.
Contact the Senator and let him know that there are still thinking Americans that are behind him that will help him push for the truth that is so desperately lacking.

Bipartisanship be goddamned.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Arizona State Traitors

A new poison is currently being seeped into the hearts and minds of ASU college students as one of the North American Union tentacles reaches into this state. Witness the newest tool to win (read: dull over) minds in the continued push for the destruction of our sovereignty. ASU is making their play as an early adopting Judas in order to be better situated once the coming structural changes are complete.

After being made aware of the new ‘Building North America’ portal, it didn’t take many clicks to become wholly upset at what is flaunted in front of our very eyes as the (supposedly) next prudent and necessary step.

From the ‘
About Us’ page:

“The links, documents, and other materials on this site have been selected, organized, and in some cases designed to advance teaching and research on North American regional integration.”

Seems as though I’ve heard “regional integration” stuff somewhere before…..(for those perplexed at the sarcasm, the easiest thing for you to do is begin searching for Lou Dobb’s clips and articles on the issue of the North American Union, as he is one of few mainstream people just beginning to scratch the surface of this issue.)

Moving to the ‘Who We Are’ page:

"The “Building North America” project began with a website, originally launched in 2000 and hosted by the Americas Society-Council of the Americas, which provided links (with editorial comment) to hundreds of sites of interest to the growing community of “North Americanists.” This site was inspired by the notion that economic integration in the NAFTA Triad (Canada-U.S.-Mexico) was advancing despite the lack of press and public attention it received, and that a presence on the web would allow those of us in the Triad countries, and beyond, to “link up” to a growing body of research and, by extension, to one another as professional colleagues in the academic, business, and policy worlds. In this same vein, the PanAmerican Partnership for Business Education launched a consortium of four North American business schools to promote a new generation of entrepreneurs with a deep knowledge of these integration trends in the region, while also generating more research and case studies regarding how businesses, governments, and organizations were shaping, and adapting to, the evolution of a shared economic space."

This is so big it’s difficult to even know where to begin, so headfirst we shall go.

Partner #1: The Americas Society is another wonderful policy and propaganda machine brought to us by his eminence, David Rockefeller. (Please see notable corporate members and Board of Directors—all of which are verifiable through multiple sources.) How do I make this charge? Go back to the ‘Who We Are’ page and take a close look at the bottom section under ‘Partners.’ Also for your consideration is the following quote from Mr. Rockefeller's Memoirs:
“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure, one world if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.”
Partner #2--
NACTS (from the main page):

“The center supports the efforts of scholars whose work contributes to the development of innovative theory, public policy, and practices related to border issues. A primary goal is to provide significant information and research analyses to both the public and relevant policymaking bodies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, regarding the unique challenges associated with border regions. NACTS aims to have an impact on global considerations of border issues by contributing a uniquely collaborative North American research-based perspective.”

Partner #3--
Kansas City International Affairs and Trade Office (from the front page):

“The office collaborates with a wide variety of regional partners as it works with directors of Economic Development, Chambers of Commerce, Shippers, Port Authority directors, government leaders, tourism industries and international study centers at universities across the globe.”

Perhaps you weren’t aware that in the glorious new North American Union,
Kansas City is slated to be a customs port.

Go ahead, read through all of the “academic” drivel on the site. Seems there are a great many big things happening for governments, multinational corporations, and other various foreign entities. Of course, the “commonly held wisdom” is that it will consequently be good for American individuals, as well, even though said individuals are only couched in the most vague and unsubstantiated terms.

North Americanist? Growing community of? I think not. True, this “community” may be growing but I am not, nor will I ever be, a part of it. The reasons are personal and otherwise. To begin with, it seems that most of the memberships in said community are multinational corporations, members of an obscenely wealthy elite class, and bootlicking academic and government officials. I am none of these. However, I can certainly articulate what I am—American, as in United States citizen. Not North American and certainly not a North American with the added “ist” or any variation thereof to include the “Pan” prefix. Any plans or push to “integrate” America or degrade what it is in any way is hands down a treasonous act.

Section 10 of the Constitution:

“No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

The academic articles on the ASU website sure did mention 9/11 and security ad nauseum. That date continues to hold its position as a massive excuse for ignoring any other relevant or pesky “details.”

There has been no consent of Congress (other than that which is subserviently implied), no public debate. SPP agreements have already been signed and now it’s time for the universities to begin the academic propaganda push. It was the same during NAFTA, which should have been a treaty but was instead pushed through as a law. Spend a bit of time on Chapter 11 of NAFTA. The US law implementing NAFTA essentially makes US interests beholden to the more "international" NAFTA law. To get it through as the treaty it should have been would have required a 2/3 majority vote of Congress--that would have never passed so it was pushed through as a law, winning 51-50.

I am a free individual who claims the rights granted to me by the founding document of our country. You will see me expire before you ever hear me referring to the Constitution as
“antiquated” or “a goddamn piece of paper.” Statements like these should offend our deepest sensibilities and it is a daily shame on our people that it evidently does just the opposite as this beast of a concept rolls ever toward us.

The kids in college are the last chance to hang on to what little there is left of what we are. The poison of elitism and of the soulless and mindless corporate mindset is now being fed to eager youth as inevitable truth. The fact that personal identity is being increasingly crushed (a subject for several posts in and of itself) makes the stripping of national identity just that much easier.

Back to the original thrust….

For those who remember it’s inception, wasn’t NAFTA supposed to be this fantastic and wonderful thing that would lift our economy as well as the Mexican economy? If it did achieve its ostensible aims, why is the Mexican economy still in ruinous shambles with our own economy treading down the same path as
we stand before China with hat in hand and continue to fight multiple pre-emptive, elected, and illegal wars? The Mexican economy has always written the manual on what it is to be intrinsically corrupt (read: bribes are the only way anyone will ever get out of Mexican jail--one of many examples of its institutionalized corruption) and we’re making plans to integrate with them? Ask any Arizonan or Texan who is not a soul-selling politician how they feel about the massive illegal immigration flood and the consequent push for mass amnesty. Ask Sheriff Joe (or other sheriffs) how he feels about illegal immigration and what it’s doing to this state alone—there’s a reason he is continually re-elected. There are still a great many people who want their nation defended and he is one of the few who is actually trying to do so.

Don’t worry, though. A couple of runs through the ASU training mill should take care of that problem soon. It won’t belong before these youth begin expressing their academically instilled outrage at those who refuse to take part in the
grand and forward-thinking North Amercanist exercise. Most of the dumbed-down “adult” population will probably cry out for it as well but for different reasons. Once the stock market makes its inevitable massive correction taking the dollar completely to the floor, most will likely cry out for, and receive with open arms, the Amero. After all, it will be the only thing that could possibly save us while at the same time ensuring our “future economic prosperity” and simultaneously retain an increased focus on the security enhancements “necessary” in this new “post 9/11” world.

Any person with more than a fourth-grade familiarity with the founding documents of this country should be realizing that this, at its very least, is not government ‘by the people’ or ‘for the people.’ There has been no public debate, all of these things and many more have been largely passed over in reporting, and is rife with thinly veiled secrecy. Are you feeling apprehensive yet? Do you feel the distinct urge to look away, lest you be poisoned by cold reality?

Big Worm from
Friday said it best, “Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions, Smokey.”

And make no mistake, there are a LOT of people playing with our money. But hey, it could just be that I am as "antiquated" as the document I swore to defend.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Listening Tour

The WPBT Winter Classic was another resounding success--It was fantastic seeing everyone again.

As if it could have been any other way.

I wish there was some damn leisure time to reminisce and tell all of the good stories, but said stories will have to go to the back of the queue. With the first couple of days back comes the usual “Oh God why can’t I be in Vegas” depression as one walks resignedly back to the grind of it all. Plus there was a lot of news to catch up on.

Time to amp up the rhetoric.


This will likely be brief, but needs to be highlighted. Hopefully I’ll find some posted video to link to shortly.

The Great Leader was on the telly today as I fought with telco’s to fix their continuously faulty circuits. It was the daily trot on CNN where the decider (or one of his many reps) deigns to tell the American people that he still hasn’t made up his mind on what to do about this travesty over in Iraq that he and his pals created. You know, “The Listening Tour.”

Today’s recap of the Listening Tour news came in the form of a press conference, in which the Pres decided, in his infinite patience, to field a couple of questions. (Although, he did have that look that said “none of what I get asked better have more than three syllables.”) Following the new focus group tested party line of “governs itself, sustains itself, defends itself, whose ally in the war on terror is a democracy” (Tony Snow
Transcript) an AP reporter asked if on any of his listening stops he had heard any ideas that were different than what everyone else had been repeatedly hearing. Bush retorted that certainly he had, but they were bad ideas that would lead to defeat and that he’d rejected them. After the usual pause, he added that he wasn’t going to tell anyone what those ideas were.

I’m sure that this is due to the fact that we are too simple to understand these ideas that “lead to defeat.” Hell we’re probably stupid enough to think that these same defeatist ideas are good ones, like, oh I don’t know, LEAVING.

When George hears a song he doesn’t like he just changes the station. It’s just how he rolls.

But when it comes to The Listening Tour,
“Generational War” is sure to be a chart topper.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Time for Vegas already

The "on-call" monster got to me over this last week and a half and heaped ridiculous amounts of work hours upon me. Now it's time to head to Vegas--good god, finally.

Posts and continuing response to StB to continue next week.

Friday, December 01, 2006


“Why should they be allowed to use my pipes?”

Axing online poker was just the first of many small steps, folks. It is yet another “benefit” of the marriage between monolithic corporate entities and our government. The only regulations being laid down are those that protect and increase profits, not to enhance public knowledge or welfare.

Why won’t Congress sign a Net Neutrality bill into law?

Why is the FCC holding private meetings with bankers?

The above links are simply primers that will hopefully pique your interest on this subject--you should be VERY interested because this WILL effect you.

I work with this stuff—believe me when I say that QoS, while certainly having legitimate usefulness, will become the bane of your existence if this is not stopped.

I’ll likely be posting massive commentary of my own on this subject in the near future, but this post should get you started down the path of doing your own research.

Will you let these people legislate chains around what is arguably the last truly free space in our world just so you can have DRM-laden TV programming on your computer? Are we people so frightened and childlike that we need this parenting from corporations and governments skipping hand-in-hand through rainshowers of our money?

As goes Texas, so goes the nation

Follow the link and then watch the video....

KVUE news

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Response to StB, Part I

"Criticizing and questioning our government is the responsibility of every patriot" - Theodore Roosevelt

Response to StB: Part I

Hitler Youth? I have read that article a couple of times. How that one
sentence suddenly inspires the kids of the Third Reich is mysterious. What
about these sentences:
“The entire program is designed for teens who may be teenage parents,
juvenile delinquents, low income, or coping with a learning or other
“There is no tuition, and the campers, mostly 11th and 12th graders, are
paid minimum wage so that they can spend these hours learning instead of
flipping burgers.” “
“When the eight-week program ends Aug. 23, graduates will be certified in
first aid, CPR (both human and animal), and what organizers call "terrorism

What about these sentences--
What about them? I have no quarrel with kids being certified in first aid or CPR, a point I specifically addressed in my first response which evidently bears repeating:

Do I think that volunteering to help out one’s community is evil? Certainly not. In bringing up the subject of Hitler Youth, do I mean to imply that the children of our country that want to do good works are Nazi’s? Most. Certainly. NOT.

My assertions were not an indictment of volunteer work. Rather they were and are meant as an indictment of government run and/or funded volunteer service programs in the context of the horrifically aggressive government and intelligence apparatus of the last six years (minimum).

StB continues…

Sounds like the kids are being taught skills that they may be able to use
later in life. In fact that is what is happening. The program is funded by
the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training. Not Homeland Security.
Fact is, the Department of Homeland Security has nothing to do with the
camp. Neither would I consider learning CPR or first aid part of a
“horrifically aggressive government and intelligence apparatus”. It is just
camp. Why read into it?

Again, my reason for reading into it has been stated. I specifically pointed out in my first response the following sentence from the original article, a sentence and point that you failed entirely to address in your rebuttal:

And those skills include math: "If I have 40 acres of forest," runs a typical problem, "how many search dogs will I need to find a fugitive?"

Call me nuts if you like, but I’m not particularly comfortable with the idea that a camp ostensibly promoting volunteer service and community outreach has within its curriculum instruction on enforcement methodology. I’m also pretty uncomfortable with the fact that said enforcement is being taught to juvenile delinquents and the learning disabled. Intellectual prowess is not a trait generally associated with either of these groups (and yes, I freely acknowledge that there are exceptions--perhaps many, but not enough-- to this, as there are exceptions to most groups or subjects). It is an abuse of the volunteer youth civil service concept (of helping people, not hunting them), and has great potential to become nothing more than a breeding ground for a force of intellectually devoid and wholly indoctrinated stormtroopers for the future War on Terror.

What is next? Are the Boys Scouts part of the conspiracy? After all, they
learn the same skills that these campers are being taught. Maybe computer
camp should be banned so the next generation won’t become minions of
Microsoft. If you aren’t meaning to compare these kids to Nazis, then why
bring up the Hitler Youth to begin with? The inference has been made.
You’re right, an inference has been made, but not the one you assert, as evidenced in my previous specific statements. I am not comparing the kids to Nazi’s; I am inferring the programs themselves have a growing Nazi stench about them. I don’t see how I can be much more specific than I have been already. In the same way that Hitler took advantage of impressionable youth (many of which, no doubt, joined the group with the best of intentions), so also do these programs show increasing potential for the same.


There is another part of your response I would like to deal with more specifically.

The program is funded by the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training. Not Homeland Security. Fact is, the Department of Homeland Security has nothing to do with the camp.

Of course these are not being funded by DHS directly—they already tried that with the TIPS program and people were so pissed off about it the government was forced to rein it in. Bush and pals have shown respect for no law other than their own whims. Do you really think they gave up on the original aims of the program?

The Kentucky Office for Employment and Training is an agency of the Education Cabinet.

Now, take a look at the Education Cabinet budget sheet and see Federal funds under Expenditures by Fund Source.

And in other "benign volunteer program" news…

Page 7 displays Homeland Security funding—take note of the column headers.

Citizens Corps is coordinated by FEMA. FEMA is directly under the umbrella of DHS.

Read about Citizens Corps affiliate programs:

Department of Education
Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools
OSDFS administers, coordinates, and recommends policy for improving the quality and excellence of programs and activities that are designed to provide financial and technical assistance for drug and violence prevention and to promote the health and well being of students in elementary and secondary schools and institutions of higher education. Additional areas of focus include student-led crime prevention; health, mental health, environmental health, and physical education programs; crisis planning and emergency planning, including natural disasters, violent incidents and terrorist acts; and programs relating to citizenship and civics education.
Learn more by visiting

And finally, take a look at this org chart for the Federal Government.

(By now everyone has a headache and is wondering what the hell is my point, so I’ll get to it.)

The federal government, per the org chart and the few above financial examples, is a massive, sprawling, and powerful beast of a thing that spreads around a metric fuckton of money. It is increasingly complex in its inter-agency dependencies and roles, and this goes double when it comes to government financials and accounting. Not a single one of us will ever find a sheet of paper simply stating that DHS has given x amount of dollars to so-and-so’s civic volunteer organization. The system is specifically set up so that the average citizen becomes completely discouraged and fails to care due to their not having personal team of forensic accountants at their disposal (and this is assuming complete governmental transparency, which is only believed by fools to exist).

It is quite simple. Some things have no hidden meaning. Just a job program
helping kids attain skills that may help them later in life. They are not
becoming secret minions to be called into service at a later time.

In the face of this ever-increasing governmental complexity our politicians and media encourage thinking in simple terms, and this flies directly in the face of our duties as American citizens. In this unbelievably politically charged climate, rare is the occasion when the action of any agency or department won’t have something to do with the current (and never-ending) War on Terror. Anything to do with the War on Terror will certainly have a path leading to DHS or one of its attendant agencies—to think that any agency, regardless of sector, will not cow to DHS dictates(by way of the Executive) displays maximum foolhardiness and perilously blind trust. Agencies that take money from the federal government to support their own bureaucratic machines are expected to comply with Federal rules, regulations, dictates, and laws—that they would not suck the Federal tit isn’t even a consideration today.

In its sheer size, complexity, corruption, secrecy, and growing brutality, the Federal government is a testament to our true downward spiral as a society. Wallowing in our ignorance, laziness, and fear we have begged for government to take control and they have been only more than happy to oblige. It is now at the point where states are merely extensions of an increasing Federal arm; an arm that grows day by day in scope and power, leaving state and individual citizen independence far, far behind.

(Part II forthcoming)

StB's Response

(Note: The following response from StB is posted without edit. For those just joining the discussion, start here and work your way forward. My own response to this will likely come in two or three parts, the first of which I hope to have posted this afternoon or evening.)

Hitler Youth. Not at war. And inferring that 9/11 was an inside job,
supported by a link to a group that is largely a joke.

Hitler Youth? I have read that article a couple of times. How that one
sentence suddenly inspires the kids of the Third Reich is mysterious. What
about these sentences:
“The entire program is designed for teens who may be teenage parents,
juvenile delinquents, low income, or coping with a learning or other
“There is no tuition, and the campers, mostly 11th and 12th graders, are
paid minimum wage so that they can spend these hours learning instead of
flipping burgers.” “
“When the eight-week program ends Aug. 23, graduates will be certified in
first aid, CPR (both human and animal), and what organizers call "terrorism

Sounds like the kids are being taught skills that they may be able to use
later in life. In fact that is what is happening. The program is funded by
the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training. Not Homeland Security.
Fact is, the Department of Homeland Security has nothing to do with the
camp. Neither would I consider learning CPR or first aid part of a
“horrifically aggressive government and intelligence apparatus”. It is just
camp. Why read into it?

What is next? Are the Boys Scouts part of the conspiracy? After all, they
learn the same skills that these campers are being taught. Maybe computer
camp should be banned so the next generation won’t become minions of
Microsoft. If you aren’t meaning to compare these kids to Nazis, then why
bring up the Hitler Youth to begin with? The inference has been made.

It is quite simple. Some things have no hidden meaning. Just a job program
helping kids attain skills that may help them later in life. They are not
becoming secret minions to be called into service at a later time.

Have you been having drinks with GeorgeSoros lately? Seriously, to say there is no War on Terror is silly.
There are people out there that would like to kill you just because you are
a citizen of the United States. The don’t care that you are a good guy.
They want to kill you. Unless you will change to their ways life under sharia law and dhiminitude.
To prevent this we need more actions like the MilitaryCommission Act. Unlike how you would like to interpret the Act, I agree with the side that says habeus corpus is not being removed from American citizens. While our enemy is slitting throats of prisoners, we get them fat.
Sounds like pretty solid torture, eh?

Same with the wiretapping and bank wires. Unlike how others would like you
to believe, they were not taping conversations between you and your Aunt
Milly. It is illogical. Thus, unless I talking with someone in a terrorist
nation, have made trips to jihadi military camps, and were on the verge of
change your religion, citizenship and name to Bahtenda al-Needabeer, they
are not listening to my calls. It is impossible. It would be very nice if
reporters who have their own agenda to put forward would not put you and me
at risk. Not every law that is passed is going to affect law abiding

It would be nice if the media would work with the government, instead of
against it. They would everyone to think it is ugly all over Iraq. I am
not saying it is pretty but it would be nice if they would actually have
reporters there, on the scene instead of relying on the enemy to report false news.
How about the good the American soldier has done? The country will be much
better off for having him out of power.

The link to the nutballs at the Scholars for Truth had to be for comedic
effect. Any group that has lots of infighting and believes some kind of Star Wars death ray brought the
towers down is funny.

I am sure some of this sounds pretty naive to you but it shouldn't.
Actually it is just seeing things for how they are. Not all things have a
hidden meaning indicating the government is out to get me, nor are they
stripping me of my rights. Well except to spend money as I see fit in
online poker rooms.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Give it a name

(I know I’m biting the Glenn Greenwald's style, but I cannot help myself at the moment)

Can someone please tell me why, for the love of holy pete, there is still so much frenzied and grandstanding rhetoric surrounding Michael Richards and his breakdown on stage?

(NOTE: YouTube insists you to login to watch so the delicate children can’t view the “horrific” scene)

From earlier today on CNN:

At the press conference, comedian Paul Mooney said he has used the "n-word" numerous times during stand-up performances but will no longer do so after watching Richards' rant.

"He's my Dr. Phil," the black comedian said. "He's cured me."

This is sad news and I will miss you, Negrodamus.

I will miss you in this cosmopolitan age when we love our bread and circuses every bit as much as the societies that rose and fell before we came along. In a time when every day brings its own special brand of depressing insanity and inanity, this day stands out as interminably sad among them.


The word nigger is being unofficially and unequivocally outlawed. Look at that, I didn’t even use stars to blot out the “power” of the word. Such is the depravity of my innate inconsideration of others and their massive sensitivity.

Earl Hutchinson is the kind of guy who (now, this is a guess) would disagree with my sentiments. I never heard of the man before today, but his statements deserve a response.

“During a panel discussion at the Summer Television Critics Association tour in 2005, Aaron McGruder, creator of the popular comic strip Boondocks[*], defiantly told the audience that he'd use the N-word as much as he pleased. If folks didn't like it, well, tough.

N-word users and apologists serve up the lame rationale that the more an African American person uses the word, the less-offensive it becomes. They claim that they are cleansing the word of its negative connotations so that racists can no longer use it to hurt African Americans.

The apologists tick off an endless storehouse of defenses to justify use of the word. Some claim it's a term of endearment or affection. Others use it to convey anger or disdain. Still others are defiant. They say they don't care what a white person calls them because words can't harm them.

They forget, ignore or distort one thing: Words are not value-neutral. They express concepts and ideas. Often, words reflect society's standards. If color-phobia is a deep-rooted standard in American life, then something as emotionally charged as the N-word will always reinforce and perpetuate stereotypes. It can't be sanitized, cleansed, inverted or redeemed as a culturally liberating word. It can't be made acceptable, no matter whose mouth it comes out of or what the excuse is for using it.”

*The Boondocks is a fantastic cartoon. Thank you, Aaron, for not being an idiot.

Mr. Hutchinson would have us all believe that it’s a given that the word nigger is now, and has always been, the most offensive word imaginable. He adopts the phrasing “N-word users and apologists” as though any association with that word should be frowned upon and reviled in any and all curcumstances. Using the word “apologists” yet again in the very next paragraph, he is tireless in his attempts to make sure that we all realize just what bad people we are should we decide to say something (in anger, or otherwise) that might offend someone else.

Mr. Hutchinson rolls on.

He admonishes us that “Words are not value-neutral”, preceding this admonishment with the sentiment that if anyone thinks otherwise “they” are forgetting, ignoring, or distorting—if someone is of any other opinion, they are automatically to be associated with these less than desirable qualities.

“They express concepts and ideas.”

Yes, and they also cannot be taken in a vacuum. They must be taken in context along with tone and a host of other smaller variables that most people don’t take the time to consider anymore, including you. It is generally not in dispute that Michael Richards used that word in the most hateful and ugly way time and again during his tirade. We can all say that we know this by not only his words but by taking into account (whether we realize it or not) the tone with which he used them and the circumstances involved. People react when that word is spoken not due to the word itself, but because of the easily perceived hate that, unfortunately, often lies behind it.

I’m going to skip Mr. Hutchinson's next sentence for now and be back to it in a moment. Continuing on...

“If color-phobia is a deep-rooted standard in American life, then something as emotionally charged as the N-word will always reinforce and perpetuate stereotypes. It can't be sanitized, cleansed, inverted or redeemed as a culturally liberating word. It can't be made acceptable, no matter whose mouth it comes out of or what the excuse is for using it.”

It is so emotionally charged due to the fact that you and all of the other broken record media mouthpieces hype it as such and look to promulgate the irrational hate that is many times along for the ride. If you had expended even the slightest bit of effort to be complete or harbored even a bit of true intent to help “heal the racial divide”, you would have peeked into the history of the word and its use in our past and made sure that everyone who might hear you is reminded of these facts. You fail to consider a subject before you begin parroting the thoughts of others who have failed to do the same. Such ill-informed rhetoric is the embodiment of GroupThink, the triumph of baseless assertion over reason.

“It can't be made acceptable, no matter whose mouth it comes out of or what the excuse is for using it.”

(From the Wikipedia article under Usage)

“A striking example is in televised coverage of a march in Birmingham, Alabama, when protesters, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, were met with attacks from dogs and fire hoses. A white woman from another Alabama county was interviewed. Visibly upset, she said, "It's not right. We don't treat niggers like that here."

Pat Buchanan has made past reference to the fact that if you would have called a black person in the 60’s “African-American” you would have just as likely been punched as not. While I certainly can’t speak from personal experience given I wasn’t alive at the time, I’m inclined to believe him when taking in his statement with some history.

There is a massive unnoticed horror in the eye of this media-officiated storm--we are now expected to self-police en masse, and indeed we are promoting the concept amongst ourselves. Any use of the word nigger should now be vilified to the extreme, regardless. It, alongside other unpleasantness has been expunged in favor of the kinder, gentler Newspeak, and Zero Tolerance is back on the scene with a pretty new dress. All we need to go with that is a side of ‘pain compliance’.

It does well to note here that all of it—all. of. it.--is so someone, somewhere won’t get their increasingly sensitive feelers hurt. Someone somewhere might get their “dignity” taken away. Dignity is what a person makes it. Is it so difficult to imagine that it is possible to be dignified when confronted with what may oftentimes be the polar opposite? Dignity is a characteristic that is visible only in those who truly value themselves—if it can be taken away by a word used in a hateful manner then perhaps not enough dignity exists there in the first place.

Crackers and niggers everywhere! It’s time to play Crabs in a Bucket! This time tested media-sponsored game show has reached the height of ridiculousness and it’s about time we begin to sit out instead of clamoring to play. Michael Richards is surely not undeserving of a public rake through the muck for his temporarily unmitigated bile, but to have the issue drawn out in such an extended and blatantly stage-directed manner is beyond the pale.

Now what about the sentence I skipped earlier? Hutchinson says, “Often, words reflect society's standards.” These five words contain a measure of ironic truth that I am sure was unintended because I read the rest of the article. Words (always, not often) do reflect our standards. The problem is that we don’t like what we see and instead of having the courage to face it, we tacitly ignore it—We seek the help of government in outlawing the very words that afford us the opportunity to reflect on who and what we are as an American people.

In a recent interview, Gore Vidal brings up Tiberius—

“Tiberius, when he became Emperor, the Senate sent him a message saying that whatever he wanted enacted would become law. And he sent it back to them and he said, 'Now don't be stupid. Suppose the Emperor has gone mad. Suppose he's ill. Suppose he's been replaced secretly. You can't give such powers.' And they sent it back to him, and he sent back a message, 'How eager you are to be slaves.'”

If words are taken or given up, the standards are forgotten as there are no more reflections to remind us of who we are. If we forget who we are we cannot define who we will be. If we cannot define who we will be, someone will define it for us and dignity will no longer be part of the equation because it has effectively ceased to exist.

Political correctness makes niggers of us all.