Friday, March 25, 2005

It's Friday. It's Good.

I finally cashed in a SnG on FT last night, taking down a second, which should have been a first. After it was finished I started playing on a Limit table but logged off after about 15 minutes because I was tilting. Yes, that’s right, I tilted because of a second place finish. The specifics are unimportant, I’m just sick of completely dominated hands hitting their 1,2, and 3-outers all of the time. I realize my complaints don’t hold much water since I’m ahead on FT, but sometimes knowledge and feelings take a while to get aligned.

Now, Tales from the Seriously Deluded. On the news they had Terry Shiavo’s sister on saying that they are intentionally murdering a healthy 41 year old. Healthy? If you can’t live without a feeding tube, I don’t think the word healthy can be applied here. Oh yeah, since I don’t have an actual living will, I thought I would say something here. If I’m ever in a state like that, let me die. If you don’t let me die and drag the whole thing through an embarrassing and shameful public spectacle I swear I will come back to haunt and terrorize you for the rest of your life. I have a feeling I’d make one ugly apparition, plus I would be extra pissed off at being obligated to terrorize. I want to be lazy when I'm dead.

There was something else last night that bothered me a bit. While I played poker, we of course had The Apprentice on while waiting for The Office premier. In the boardroom, DT almost fired some guy because he chewed tobacco. OK, I acknowledge that chewing on a task/job is unprofessional, but that didn’t even figure in. DT was just ripping him because he chewed, not where. He said, “I don’t want someone working for me that chews tobacco.” Yes, chewing is a disgusting habit (IMO more disgusting than smoking, but I’m a smoker so I’m biased), but imagine the brouhaha that would have erupted had he said “I don’t want any people that eat too much and get fat working me, it’s disgusting.”

You like beets? That’s disgusting, I can’t have you working for me. You part your hair on THAT side? You use Aqua-Fresh and not Colgate?

I think now would be an appropriate time to break out the South Park episode with The Museum of Tolerance. C’mon now, Donald. You can do better than that.

Everyone remember to break out the Paas and the Peeps and have a Good Friday. Fuck that, have a Great Friday.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Last night’s episode of the WPT had some good entertainment on tap in the form of Tony G. I love that guy. Scratch that, I love watching that guy. If I had to play with him I fear I might be overwhelmed by the urge to stab him in the throat. The WPT is so much better this year, except for one thing: The freaking voice-over commercials. I realize that this gripe is nothing new to anyone, but damn, they really suck. Those little 30 second craptastic productions really take away from the shows.

While watching, every time they showed Isabelle Mercier I had the strange urge to phone Mean Gene to make sure he was watching. I don’t know Gene, have never spoken with him, and certainly don’t have his telephone number, so why I kept thinking that is truly beyond me. I gotta get away from the computer.

Being bogged down with work and school junk, I played no poker last night, but I did get to sweat Mrs. Head as she broke her four SnG losing streak and garnered a second place. Longest $5 SnG EVER. Everyone except the top 3 were out before the blinds reached 50/100. From there they battled for nearly another hour and a half, absolutely unreal. No one could bust the others. Also, just when you start to think you have seen just about everything during the long hours at the virtual tables, POW!, something else comes along. I witnessed a one of the other players in that tourney get AA eight times. Eight Times! In 90 minutes! I need better math skills (to compliment my bo staff, nunchuck, and other assorted ninja skills); I would like to know what the odds are on that happening because it certainly seems that they would be very long.

Per usual, Easter is near and I had no idea. Thank goodness I have at least a few days notice so I can make sure I don’t get out on the roads on Sunday with all of those who view strict adherence to the speed limit as being directly proportional to the strength of one’s moral fiber. Tomorrow being Good Friday, I think I’m going to cook some lamb, perhaps with some risotto. Paired with a nice bottle of wine it should serve to turn Good Friday into Great Friday.

Also, if I’m able to snatch some extra time I may try to pen an ode to the Cadbury Egg, the king of Easter delicacies.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Dot, dot, dot

I just checked the rankings board for the WPBT, 137th. Jeeebus, I’m some kinda monkey. I gotta do better on the next one, but I can’t. Why? It just dawned on me this morning that I have school stuff going on the entire evening of the 30th. Stupid goddamn edyookashun. Mrs. Head will probably be representing in my stead and will most likely put my past performances to shame.

Full Tilt is slowly but surely causing some, well, Full Tilt. I couldn’t win an SnG there if you stuck a gun to my head. At this point, it’s becoming more my fault than the cards, because I found myself on my last try last night expecting to get bad beat with impossible cards, not good. I need to get these thoughts readjusted, and learn to adjust because things aren’t going to get any better the way I’m thinking now. (Gee, how’s that for the most obvious statement of the week?) I also got to play a bit with Shelly at the .50/1 tables, which was a good time. She was spanking fishies like an anger management attendee in a room full of behaviorally impaired kids. Quite a pleasure to watch as I hung around with my stack about even, watching all flops come completely opposite to any good cards that I picked up. I couldn’t stay long, though, as the aforementioned SnG had me on tilt enough to know it would be a good idea to log off for the night. Oy vey.

More hard-hitting stuff on the news today….Teens are abusing cold medicine, it’s called Skittling, because they look like Skittles, how novel. They had one girl on that kicked her ‘addiction’ and is busy raising awareness after taking 94 of the tablets, what a good little citizen. How come no one can seem to grasp the fact that 94 of pretty much anything isn’t very good?

94 pieces of bacon? Delicious, but not good.

Punching someone 94 times? Fun, but you’ll probably hurt yourself as bad as you hurt them in the end.

Working 94 days straight? Challenging, but bad for anyone.

Is being a teen something that people just forget about as they get older? I hate teens, but I still remember that I was one. I also remember that abusing things is what they do. ‘Tussin, eating/smoking morning glory seeds, etc., I would try nearly anything when I was a teen to see what would bring a buzz. Hell, one time I rolled up a french fry in a napkin and tried to smoke it just to see if I could. If you would have dared me, I would have tried to drink a 40 oz. of Olive Oil just to say I did. Point is, most teens will be abusing and/or experimenting with something. I wonder why folks continue to think new laws are going to solve this?

Ah well, time to turn off the TV and try to reclaim some of the sanity I originally had when I woke up.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Oooooh, Back to Work, Back to Work.

(please sing the above title to yourself like Adam Sandler in the Back to School song. If you don't know the song, watch Billy Madison, and shame on you for not having seen it earlier)

I know that I have a ton of stuff that I need to blather about, but I seem to be in the midst of a bit of post-trip overwhelmia (yeah, I made that word up), where you return from being away only to find out that, yes, life did continue unabated while you were away and now you have to play catch up.

Sunday I received a very nice surprise: Felicia left me a comment! I didn’t think she ever read my drivel, and even if that visit was the only one, it was much appreciated. My admiration of Felicia’s strong will and poker prowess continues to grow and my prayers are with her in light of the recent news. I certainly hope that when June rolls around the situation is well enough that I can meet her at the WPBT event.

Played me some poker all of Sunday afternoon, blah, blah, blah. I ended up a bit, but nothing real special so I won’t bore you with the mundane details. Instead, I’d much rather bore you by telling you what I cooked last night. Salmon steaks with a pineapple habanero relish, a nice field green salad with a honey balsamic dressing, and some fresh asparagus. Beautiful and effing delicious.

Since I bemoaned the trials and tribulations of business travel, I thought it was worth mentioning something that is good about it. I realized when I walked into work today that business travel has one pretty big good point, and that is the fact that while you may be working, you’re not actually AT work. Top it off with some craptastic Kansas weather and I’m ready to head back to AZ already.

I was going to write something completely witty here, but I just lost it. (Yea, I know, have another toke, Head). Thinking Big will have to wait until tomorrow, I guess.