Friday, August 11, 2006


August 11th. Good Christ, already?

Time flies when you’re not having any fun. What the hell. It flies, fun or no.

I’ve been spending all of my time angling and working my ass off for a promotion at work. Given the short amount of time that I’ve been there, pulling it off will be quite a coup. The bump in pay will most certainly help, as well, since (for reasons we still cannot fathom) Rachel still hasn’t landed a new job (and hara kiri is looking attractive when compared to her current one). Hell, she can hardly get a fuckin’ interview and it’s driving both of us insane. She’s a goddamn MBA, goddamn smart, and just a generally goddamn great fuckin’ employee.

I married the girl with the worst employment karma EVER. Seriously, it boggles the mind. Both of us are obsessing about it these days.

There has been a slight stench following us everywhere we’ve gone about these last couple of weeks. It’s as though a stinkbomb of abject depression and despair is threatening to break through the oh-so-thin invisible barrier currently holding it at bay. Like a overfilled something about to break, its heaviness grinds us down. Our souls are starting to feel like a mistreated and too often worn pair of sneakers.

My friend from way way way back visited us this last weekend, and I think he said it best……

“It’s like everything and everybody in this city is trying to fuck with you at once.”

Indeed, sir. Finally, someone can see. At least it says that I’m not completely crazy and that there are some strange karmic/cosmic shenanigans afoot. If this is karma, why can’t I remember the thing(s) I’ve done so bad to create such annoyance?

I must be torturing baby seals in my sleep. At this point, it’s the only explanation, really.

Almost forgot a tiny bit of good news in the pile.

Alex, I’ll take “HolyShitgodsparemeI’msofuckingboredwiththiskindofupdatethatnoonereallyneedstohearabout” for $1000, please.

Your answer: Last weekend I actually went 3/4 on PeepSex Tourneys, and it would have been 4/ 4 had not my AQs been brutally sucked out on by A10 on the bubble. A bit of confidence has been restored. It was getting ugly there for a couple of weeks (at least by the reckoning of my completely statistically unsound and micro-tiny sample set).

What is Human Head poker content?

That is correct, you have control of the board..