Sunday, May 21, 2006

Warning: Worst. Post. Ever.

A weekend with the in-laws means activities. It is the load that those having to receive visitors must bear. There are worse loads.

Saturday activities took us on two hour drive to Sedona, which ended up being very worth it. It afforded an opportunity to let the car out a little and discover, at long last, that driving can be fun. Or will be, once the car isn’t so new.

67% of the people in Sedona yesterday tried to crash into me (this wild guesstimate is likely being too conservative). Dull-eyed tourists put together a coordinated attack which was launched immediately upon our arrival. I especially liked the guy in the gold for Taurus that, while looking directly at me, pulled out into my lane and stopped while I’m going 40 and am close enough to make out the crinkles in his dumbfounded squint. A close call later finally found us in a parking lot, searching for the kind of relief that can only be provided by parking. Giant black GMC douchebag didn’t get the memo, though, as he (without a pretense of looking until halfway out of the space) backed towards us at a high rate. That one almost brought me out swinging.

Hooray Beer! Helping people give less of a shit for centuries.

Once we escaped the onslaught of dullards in control of high speed metal objects, I finally go a chance to take a look around. Wow, very nice. I now know where I’d truly like to live; I just have to find a way to get a 747 full of cash. I need some Architectural Digest shit in some scenery like that.

I guess I’m trying to say that you should go if the opportunity presents itself. Once we got off the tourist strip we accidentally wandered onto it was a pretty amazing place.

It shouldn’t have taken this long, but I just realized how awful this post is. Why did I feel the need to type all that? It should read like this:

Nothing to see here, move along. My apologies for this travesty of a post.