Monday, December 29, 2008

2009: Here we go...

The warm and fuzzy. 2008 Summary in Pictures.

We started here:

Hit the midway point around here:

And ended here:

I've been barfed on, pissed on, and shat on more times than I can count*. On the other side of that, I've also been (more times than I can count) hugged, looked at, and smiled at in a ways that I wouldn't have imagined were possible, that are unique for me and not duplicated for anyone else in the world. For that one person, I am completely and utterly The Balls. Guess which of those things I care less about.

*is that sentence going to get me a bunch of unwanted fetish hits, you know, on a post with pictures of my babygirl? I don't think so since Google doesn't index me anymore because of my having been a bad advertising boy. This makes you a very exclusive intheknow audience. Haha Google, foiled you again.

Gone before you know it. I've been working on something for the last 3 days that I desperately wanted to publish, but it's grown into something that's going to require a great deal more consideration and work. It will be ready when it's ready, I guess.

I despise resolutions (or rather, what they've become), so here is a wish for you, one that I carry for myself:

To find greater Happiness, Health, and Wisdom in the coming year, to understand more clearly what these things are, and to not let them be defined for you.

Best to all.