Thursday, February 01, 2007

Aqua Teen Terror

I'm shedding a joyful tear right now...finally, someone who is getting media attention using the opportunity to mock the media's blatant manufacturing of fear.

I watched with glee as I saw this live today, which quickly turned to horror as CNN immediately cut the feed so the "reporter" could resume demonizing the two as soon as it became apparent they wouldn't be acting in the contrite manner demanded by the media and posturing law enforcement.

Whatever Cartoon network paid, whatever trumped up fines end up being paid, they certainly got their money's worth with these guys. Score for Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hillary Speaks Volumes

"We expect him to extricate our country from this before he leaves office"
--Hillary Clinton, 1/28/2007 [quote]

Boy, can you smell the Hillary mania? This stuff came out of nowhere! Seriously, I had no idea she was going to run. I mean, I really thought she was going to happily stay in her Senate seat and continue to serve America from her adopted state of NY. Contrary to what others might tell you, the fact that NY happens to be a politically expeditious state to represent in this "post-9/11 world" has nothing to do with anything--it is pure coincidence--she just happens to like the fall season there. Oh, and the greater concentration of rich and influential folk to hang with--Murdoch and Ailes only feel comfortable hosting fundraisers for their favorite folk in centers of power. She told everyone time and time again that she had no intentions of running....I believed her, didn't you? It's just a bit odd to me that she is being backed by guys who own "conservative" FOX. I guess that's them living their "fair and balanced" creed.

I think it speaks to the comfort of the mattresses that Hillary wants to go back to the White House after previously spending eight years there. I could be wrong, though. I'm sure there are a host of other reasons she wants to go back. Caviar and hot dogs at 3:30 AM? You can get that if you live in the White House. You can even make a guy with a gun go get it for you if you want.

What is one of the things that most everyone does when they leave someplace (state, city, home, etc)? Sooner or later, all of us end up talking about what we wish we would have (or simply, should have) done while we were there. Eventually there are those off the cuff mentions of "crap, I should have gone/done this/that/there while we were still there" that we don't even really notice. Consciousness is really the only thing required to divine what Bill wishes he would have done while there (for anyone just waking from an extended coma, the answer is "more interns"). I wonder what she wishes she would have done....

Anyway, about that quote.....

I watched her say it on TV on the same day that everyone else saw it, and it's been nagging at me ever since. It completely boggles the mind how one can cheer for a Senate member who says something like this, especially one who voted "yes" for the war. I was for it, but now I'm against it...sort of, is her politically careful refrain, and the lobotomized crowd cheers and supports her push to become one of the most prominent figureheads on the world stage.

Her statement puts the blame squarely on the President, and nothing could be more wrong. Certainly, he and his boys were a major driving force behind behind the current ongoing atrocities, but she gladly (and hurriedly) jumped on the bandwagon. Hillary has a documented history of jumping on the most politically expedient issue and flogging it for all it is worth. Is that really the kind of person that should be leading.....anything?

If Hillary was truly concerned about doing what's best for America and it's people, she would use her powerful influence and all of her might to marshal the tools available to her and the rest of the representatives in the House and Senate to do what needs to be done to end this lunacy (powers granted to them by the Constitution, including, but not limited to, impeachment). Yet she does not. In fact, one can't even get a suitably direct statement of position, they only receive more of the same meaningless blather about supporting the troops and the War on Terror, if we don't go kill them over there someone will get us over here (24 plot line--oops, more FOX). No, she prefers to sit on the sideline, cast blame, and say the President should clean up his own mess, implying that she had no part in it's creation or continuation.

It's not that I disagree with her statement. I also am of the mind that Bush should extricate us--but he's not going to--a fact he's made painfully clear time and time again. Her saying what she did, in her position, only proves one of two things. Either she isn't paying any attention, or, she couldn't care less except where it helps her (rigged) election chances. A real candidate (read: real leader) would have brought the American people to her back (given that a large majority are against this madness) to push long and loud, using her considerable means and influence to do help bring this stupidity to a halt.

Unfortunately, her actions demonstrate nothing more than the same meaningless and politically opportunistic prattle. But why?

She doesn't want the American people at her back, she wants them under her heel. She is simply another power-hungry elite with the same corporate backers/handlers as the puppet King George.

The fact that she's a woman couldn't be more irrelevant.