Thursday, March 02, 2006


Boy, who knew getting ready to move 1100 miles away would take such a toll on writing crap in a blog? The major stuff is slowly working itself out of the way, so hopefully the toll won’t be too annoying as I had a nice, every weekday rhythm. However, it’s hard to be too dismayed at the general hubbub when things are moving along nicely.

Last Saturday we put a For Sale sign out in the yard ourselves because the punkass realtor we had in mind wouldn’t call us back. She finally called on Monday claiming wrong number woes (translation: I would rather be fucking off than listing a house that might make me some money) and I sent her the info she needed with the promise that she would get over there as soon as possible so we could sign a contract. Nothing and Nada is what I got, all the while showing the house myself. Yesterday I got an offer, and after a bit of haggling we agreed on a favorable price and today the contract was signed. Sold in approximately 5 days. Suck it, you poor excuse for a fuckup realtor, but thanks for the extra 7 grand I no longer need to pay you.

As I’m sure you can tell by now, it’s a big load off.

In other amusing news (if you find “shake your head in a sad sort of way and smile” situations amusing), I found out that they are going to do away with my position when I leave. Penny wise and pound foolish to the end, these people. It seems that they would rather look a few dollars better on the budget sheet than to actually have equipment and operations running smoothly. Whatever. What do I know? After all, I don’t really do anything except walk around all day and fix that computer stuff I like, which really isn’t like work at all. So Fucked. I put the over/under at two weeks before the employees are screaming and clawing their eyes as everything implodes because nothing functions.

It's inebitable. INEBITABLE!!

I'm fantasizing about taking a plane back for the sole purpose of standing around and gloating when it finally happens. (This is my entertainment until we reach that glorious moving day)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Thanks for the real food

Okay, I know I’m biting off Bob when I harp commercials like I’m about to, but I’m gonna do it anyway because I just watched a disturbing commercial and you need to know about it.

Arby’s now has 100% Real Chicken Sanwiches.

Seeing this caused me to remember that I’d recently seen the same thing on a McDonald’s commercial, qualifying this trend as being a spate and quite possibly a rash. So let me get this straight….

I can pay you more money, and if I do so, you promise not to give me fake food?

Sign me up immediately. This unilateral fast food move is magnanimous beyond all measure, and what I’d like to do is pay you double the already increased asking price to properly express my thanks for the opportunity not to eat breaded plastic.

Yup, this is the product of a late and exhausting day. See you tomorrow.