Friday, December 10, 2004

Inaugural Fridge Appearance

Hey there everyone, this is going to be a short one so fear not, I promise not to take too much of your time. I plan on playing some more SnG's this afternoon or this evening so as to keep up with my self imposed pre-holiday playing guidelines. I'm sure once I get started I will be playing more than the minimum I have set out for myself.

I just saw a commercial that I haven't seen in a while that always makes me laugh out loud. I believe it is a Lipitor commercial where the older guy is walking on the beach, talking about how he's "healthy enough to go out and surprise a few clams." Hilarious. I'm not for sure if it's Lipitor or not, as it typically goes in one ear and out the other until I hear the key "clams" phrase. I am getting a rant together concerning my thoughts on TV commercials that I hope to share soon.

For now, I leave you with the first entry from the "naughty fridge", as I have schoolwork, errands, and other assorted unhappy shit that must be attended to while the other bloggers are getting together in Vegas. Bastards.

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My wife found this article in Wine Spectator and was cackling madly. If you can't figure out why the title is funny, (insert Bernie Mac voice) I'm Sorry For 'Ya. Pay no attention to the photo, as that is me shitfaced on a friends John Deere lawnmower circa 1999 when I was still enlisted. A definite poor example of partying "like it's 1999".

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Worry not, dear reader, my mini-tirade concerning the self-styled "Poker Brat" is on the way, but there are some things that must be attended to first....To start (cue trumpets and medieval flourish), found this wonderful piece of work through SirFWALGMan,and if I had some sort of prize to give for Link of the Week he would definitely be the recipient. Once again, if you are even REMOTELY literate, you must get your eyes over to Dooce ASAP.

Next, I must do some "maintenance updates". 1) I WILL be posting pics of the "naughty fridge" soon, as was promised recently. I have not forgotten. I tried to take some pics directly following my initial promise, but to say they didn't turn out well would be giving them too much credit. I finally found the manual to my camera, and am currently slogging through it in an effort to bring pictures to you that do not instantly cause a migraine. Can you tell yet that photography is not a favorite pastime of mine? Man, I sure hope this "naughty fridge" endeavor doesn't turn out to be a letdown, considering the ever increasing buildup.... 2) I will get a list of links to all of the other great bloggers I love to read posted ASAP. It's been quite some time since I did any web work whatsoever, so I am trying to reeducate myself as quickly as possible as I find bits of free time here and there. I know that more free time exists somewhere, but at present it eludes me. I promise to look harder.

Even though I'm sure that many of you already read
2+2, here is a great thread involving Funniest Lines You Have Heard at the Poker Table. Even though the thread started back in mid-October, it is still being added to and is pretty damn funny. Also, should you find that you have said any of the things listed therein in any way other than in pure jest, then you should be spending much more time reading/studyng than actually playing. If you have the ability to retain any information at all, it is pretty difficult NOT to become a better player after reading 2+2 for a while. I am confident that I can say these things without diminishing the fish count, as most folks who would take this advice and endeavor to become better players have already found this resource. The actual fish will continue to ignore any action that might lead to improvement in their game, as they are already "up a little", and would be further up were it not due to that guy with QQ who put the bad beat on them when they hit middle pair 7 on that J high board and he wouldn't "respect their raises".

And now, for (hopefully) your pleasure, I will attempt to mix ranting and poker.

The love/hate evolution of my view of Phil Helmuth Jr., self-styled "Poker Brat", finally came to it's seemingly inevitable conclusion yesterday with the new issue of CardPlayer. As illustrated in my first ever posting, and evidenced by my mistake of purchasing Play Poker Like the Pros, my love/hate level was about 90/10. These numbers began to slowly drift as the year went on and I continued to view different tourneys and interviews. I was also getting progressively more annoyed by the lack of actual poker content in his articles for CardPlayer. (BTW, does anyone reading this actually subscribe to CardPlayer, and if so, why? Perhaps I am missing something, as I will continue to simply read it on their site where it is free) Then came the infamous interview by ESPN on the '04 WSOP broadcast. You know, the one where someone decided that it would be a good idea to show him shirtless and making a complete (and I'm sure unwitting, which makes it even more sad) mockery of Buddhist principles and the practice of meditation? Love/Hate= 40/60. So yesterday, after skipping approximately the last seven or so articles he has written, I decide to give a peek at the one in the newest issue. Christ, it is even worse than I remember, To Quote:

"Greg Pierson is the man! No, you haven’t heard of him yet, but mark my words, GP’s new company, IoVation — an Internet security company — will have a billion dollar valuation by 2008. Considering how much respect I have for Greg and the fact that I’m lucky enough to be an investor in IoVation, I vowed to him that he could get some private lessons from me anytime."

Holy hell, can this guy possibly have larger self-esteem/acceptance issues? I started searching back through the archives and was actually ashamed that I hadn't taken more notice of this before, although my subconscious obviously did, hence the skipping of the previous articles. This guy's egregious name-dropping and self promotion is enough to make even Donald Trump blush. At least the Donald is 'richer than God' as well as brimming with confidence and self-assurance. Phil consistently comes off as nothing other than lame and whiny, as you KNOW he was the vengeful kid in school who always got picked on and cried a LOT, always secretly plotting some sort of revenge to be meted out in the future. If he wasn't such a great talent at poker and had to work a normal job, I would fear for his co-workers. Current Love/Hate=3/97. I still have 3 percent on the Love side because (camera close up on my concerned newsanchor face as I get ready to spew a heartfelt entreaty),

"Phil, there is no taking away from the fact that you are truly one of the great poker players out there, as evidenced by your 9 WSOP bracelets and the fact that you are the youngest ever to win the event. But for the love of God and for the good of this beloved game, please get a therapist (or two) and start acting with more class, as you are old enough and should be experienced enough to know better. Stop peddling crappy (and by crappy I mean WAY below mediocre) products to the masses in a shameless effort to cash in on your steadily declining reputation. Yes, it is making you wealthy, and all of us are happy for you. However, money can come and go, but the respect of others can truly last and will make you a much happier person."

Well, now I'm just dissapointed and sad after ranting about someone who had great potential but simply turned out to be another steaming pile of humanity. I guess all I can do is wish him well (in my head, of course), and hope that future brings us something better where he is concerned. Now it's back to for some smiles....

Oh yes, Thinking Big...head Much Bigger, and all of that :)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hump Day (I admit it, I just wanted to say HUMP)

Here is some more hard hitting stuff from the propoganda machine that passes for the "news": A hot buttered rum has about as many calories as a double cheeseburger. Acupuncture is the new Botox. Your childs foam gun could be dangerous if they swallow it, and if they don't, it's probably dangerous anyway due to the fact it's a gun *gasp*. Pomegranates are tricky.

Oh god, won't someone PLEASE think of the children. BTW, I'll have that double cheese--you can keep your hot rum. The only thing left that isn't a full-on propoganda/advertising vehicle is the weather. Maybe that is why old men spend all of their time talking about the weather. After so many years, they have arrived at the point where they realize it is a worthless waste of time to talk about any of the other soul sucking issues spouted by the telescreen. Either that, or it is simply a product of impending senility. In my humble estimation, either of these things are preferable to the alternative, acceptance and enjoyment.

As if you couldn't tell already, I don't have any poker content that would be in any way noteworthy to most, as the insomia aftereffects caught up with me and I went to bed at 9 PM, much to the satisfaction of my inner senior citizen. I slept reasonably well and was able to wake up generally annoyed with the world at large (this is a good thing) instead of being too tired to care. Christ, I just thought of something disturbing. Is this blog turning into the HumanHead sleep diary? Even the possibility of this turning into something that asinine gives me shivers, and I am hereby cutting myself off from talking about sleep issues.

Back to the criticism of random things!

This would be a great spot to begin a tirade that shares the fact that I have found somthing I hate even worse than minivans. For anyone who has ANY familiarity with me, my hate of minivans (and oversize SUV's to a slightly lesser extent) is certainly no secret. They are the bane of the American Highway, and are the nemesis (what is the plural of nemesis, nemesi?) of the HumanHead. They are predominantly commandeered by the AOL-using, George Bush supporting, morning television news show-enjoying, altogether ignorant masses who are loathsome to the extreme. Now I know that not ALL folks fit into this category, as in fact I have known several kickass people who happen to drive a minivan and/or SUV. Just know that I am aware there are exeptions to the sweeping generalities that I make.

OK, on with the tirade.....

Even more than the above abominable group, I now even moreso find myself despising those who decide that it is a good idea to put those damnable ribbon decals on their vehicle. You know the ones, containing such banal text as "I support our troops" or "God Bless the USA". It has become so pervasive (at least in this particular Midwestern purgatory) I have taken to travelling with a homemade Fear Factor bucket to barf into (OK not really, but sometimes I feel as though I ought to). These stickers infuriate me so much due to the fact that they are merely empty symbols, and the only reason most of these people have them is that everyone else does and they want to show how "patriotic" they are, even though most haven't actually DONE anything to support the troops other than this. As a former military member who was often deployed, I can tell you with great certainty that a soldier will appreciate and enjoy something as innocuous as even some homemade cookies when sitting with a bunch of other guys on the ass end of the world. I can also promise you they will feel a lot more actual love from cookies, cards, etc. than they will from those goddamn decals you have plastered all over your brat taxi. Should you find yourself in a "patriotic" mood, please, actually DO something, it's really not too difficult. Get with the Family Support Center if you have a military base nearby, or just do some looking around, as there are opportunities for actually doing something nearly everywhere. But for the love of all that is holy, STAY AWAY FROM THE STICKERS.

More schoolwork is going to be rollng my way starting this evening, so tomorrow will most likely bring little or no content involving my personal poker play. But, if your in the mood to hear more long windedness, I plan on at least spouting a mini-tirade concerning the beloved Phil Helmuth Jr.

As always, I'm Thinking Big but my head is still Much Bigger.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Poker and More Insomnia.

Meh. Caught another bout of the old insomnia last night, although not nearly to the extent that it assailed me a few days ago as I was actually able to rack up about 3 1/2 hours of sleep. While insomnia is a miserable thing, I did play some poker since I was awake anyway. Perhaps it is the poker gods who are choosing to afflict me in such a manner, in their own sick way forcing me to play the game lest I backslide too far. As I'm sure many will sympathize, the poker gods are truly vengeful beings (often with no provocation) and posses senses of humor that can only be described as "sick". But I like to believe that they teach us large lessons either way, and this is why we play.

So, being a man of my word (if nothing else), I played in 2 single table SnG's last night. Before I go any further, let me clarify something::

I am aware that a cheap ass $5 +.50 tourney does not have any real bearing on much of anything, but even so, I try to treat every game as though it's the most important game and ensure that I play my best (unless of course, I make a conscious decision otherwise beforehand).

So with my online bankroll a piddly $575 and some change, I lauch into my first 1 table SnG. Players haven't changed very much in the months I have been away, and the first thing I notice is that these single table folks are a bit looser than the 2 table folks. The next thing I notice is that 95% of these people fall in one or two categories: WPT Pros or Super Advanced WPT Pros.

Ladies and Gents, welcome to the Amateur Profiling protion of our show.

  • WPT Pros--This animal is convinced that they are the second coming of Doyle. Play is punctuated by constant wanton use of naked aggression due to the misapplication of NL principles brought forth in Super System, poor imitation of the actual WPT pro they just saw on TV, too much beer and/or testosterone, or a mix of all these things.
  • Super Advanced WPT Pros--This animal is slightly more evolved in that their naked aggression is a bit more tempered, and have developed some rudimentary knowledge of the slowplay (I wonder, could this be thought of as the opposable thumb of poker, or simply beginning to stand erect?). This opponent is even easier to deal with, to wit: If they bet, they hold nothing or their hand is mediocre at best. If they check on a suspicious board, many times they have an actual hand (this will part will be important in a minute).

The first 3 rounds of this tourney passed uneventfully, as no premium hands found their way to me I simply watched and tried to classify the Pros vs. the Super Advanced Pros. Fast Forward, blah,blah,blah....we are down to four. Myself, one Pro, and two Super Advanced. My stack is fluctuating between short and medium and I am basically treading water until top 3 where I will turn up the aggression. I feel at this point there is no reason to be too aggressive, as we still have one WPT Pro who is short stacked and should be busting out soon. More naked aggression from him and finally I pick up A10s and call his all in for about 1/3 of my stack. He wins with J3o, now him and I are about even. Very next hand 66 comes my way in the SB. I raise Super advanced on my left 3Xbb and get a call. So, I know he has something decent. Flop:QQ9. Not so good, goes check check (I suspect he is slowplaying trips based on previous action of the Super Advanced type). Turn comes Q and I push, ignoring my first instinct about the slowplayed trips. For some reason I thought there was no way he had quads, so I changed my read to KJ. Of course he called w/ KQo for the quads and I bubble out. What a stupid beginner mistake, dammit I'm rusty. If I felt that I HAD to play that hand I thinks perhaps I should have pushed preflop and taken my coinflip chances, or at the very least checked the hand down given what I KNEW about this guy.

Tourney #2--OK I feel like I'm getting my sea legs back for this SnG thing, let's spin the wheel one more time before bed. More of the same with the addition of the Raging Super Advanced WPT Pro. The reason for the addition of the "raging" classification is one particular WPT Pro is catching cards like I have not seen for some time. This induces much anger from select Super Advanced players, as they mistakenly continue to try and bluff the "fool" who cannot be bluffed. This is akin to watching a train wreck where you are sure to witness many tragedies. I caught a couple of premium hands early on and got the stack to about 4000 due to some residual Super Advanced angry bluffs being thrown my way. Hooray! Now I just sit and wait for Mr. Lucky to decapitate some more opponents, and he did not disappoint. This guy cracked AA in two consecutive hands with 10 3 spades and then again with J5 offsuit. A couple hands later nails QQ with 10 9 off. Mind now, that all of these hands were preflop all-in calls vs. reasonably healthy stacks. Now we are at 4 people again and I get SB AQs. Hooray! Once again, raise 3x BB and of course he calls, no prob. Flop comes a beautiful 3c 7c Ad, TP nearly top kicker and the nut flush draw. I check, he overbets the pot and I push. This time instead of calling immediately, he considers for about 15 secs (a first for him) so I'm thinking now that I may be behind. He calls, and of course I'm way ahead, as he holds K3 for a nice bottom pair. Guess what the turn brings? You know it, the K, and of course the flush draw did not come, and I bubble out yet again. Can't feel bad about this tourney though, as I regret none of my play, and realize that these things happen.

I can truly say I've grown as a player if for no other reason than the fact that I now love these players, as they are the ones that keep us in the money. I went to bed with only the most infentesimal tilt receding into the background (I know I shouldn't have been tilted whatsoever, but I HATE losing) where I met up with my good friend as of late, Insomnia. So after tossing around for a bit, I decide to head downstairs for some more poker and fired up a couple of NL $25 tables and bought in for $15 at each (spare me the lecture about full buyins and getting full value out of my hands, I just didn't feel like it at the time). Table #1 not catching any cards, lot of farting around going on, and I keep wavering between $13 and $17. Table #2 a lot of the same, until "Blinger" sits and buys for $25. NOTE: If you see this guy around PStars, sit down and play, as you will almost certainly make some money. It's the first hand so I have no real reads to go on and I am in BB w/ A5o. One EP and one MP limper and Blinger completes. Flop comes 7d Ac 5d so I decided to go for the checkraise. EP bets out .50, MP folds, Blinger calls, I raise to $1.50. EP folds Blinger calls. Turn comes Js. Blinger checks (I have him on a flush draw) so I push to make it too expensive to draw, and he calls QUICKLY. At this point I think he must have A7 or a set and has me nailed. Crap. River comes 10d to complete his K8s flush. At least my insticts were correct. Now, while I don't usually reload and would at this point call it a night, I reloaded with another $15 and hoped that this guy would stick around for a while, as it was quickly becoming apparent he was another WPT 'naked aggression" Pro and I would soon get my money back or bust again. I continued to fold cards while he goes on a nice run to take his stack to about $60, all the while letting everyone know what a great player he is and how weak the entire table is.

I'm running out of time, so I have to cut this short. At this time the poker gods decided to look upon me favorably and send me the goods. I ended up taking all of my money back and then some from Blinger, to end the night at a decent $30 profit after tourney losses and a $595 b/r. It's nice to be able to smile instead of lament.

I'll wind up today by waxing philosophical---More and more, poker seems to me to be a lot like life in general. Sometimes you can bring your best to the table and still lose. As players we must all try hard to not focus on the outcome, but to simply bring our best to the table at all times. Yea, I know, easy to say but not so easy to apply.

Keep on the lookout, as I will contnue to Think Big, but dammit, my head is still Much Bigger.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Herpes and Boners...

In my estimation, there can be no other more accurate summation of the modern TV viewing experience. Christ, I could not be any more tired of it, and I imagine that sometimes if I listen really hard I can hear myself getting dumber just being in such close proximity with the insiduous idiot box. With all of the uproar about violent video games, tv programming (decency a la Janet's naked breast), etc. this holiday season, why haven't the do-gooder, morally superior, minivan-driving, suburbanite soccer parents gotten their panties in twist about this? Could it be that by and large they hide an equally insidious secret involving flaccidness or bothersome genital breakouts? Hmmm...I will consider this more as the day wears on, but will certainly laugh at the next few minivans and/or grossly oversize SUV's that I see.

For those of you who would like to hear about something more serious, there seems to be a rash of people thieving the inflatable SpongBob's from atop several Burger King restaurants. Hard hitting stuff, won't someone please think of the children? Ugh..(looks around for more pills in order to cope)

So, I spent the evening last night catching up with AlCantHang's blog while I had the other half of that "spicy" cigarrette (which was pretty much BEGGING to be put to use) and generally tried to ignore the fact that Monday was around the corner. I was a little dissapointed in myself for not staying current with it, but how can I be blamed? It seems that for some reason the bookmark for his blog didn't make the trip over when I updated my Firefox from 0.9.2 to the 1.0 release several weeks ago. BTW, if you are not yet using FireFox, I demand that you stop everything and download it immediately. I won't go into the who, what, why of it all, suffice to say I tell you this for your own good (and if I'm really stretching, for the good of society as a whole). Perhaps my browser was trying to protect what precious little moral fiber I have left by keeping me away from Al's degenerate publication. I tip my hat to him though, as I would probably be in the hospital if I tried to emulate such adventures...there are times when after reading, I feel as though I myself have been through a night of drinking. I will stop raving here, and just sum up by saying that it is a great read.

Recently, I have run out of books to read, so I am rereading some favorites in lieu of my next trek to the bookstore. Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates by Tom Robbins, and following this I have determined that a rereading of Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson is in order. It has truly been too long since I read any of Mr. Robbins material, as it is akin to an acid trip punctuated with exquisitely colorful language that appeals to my hallucinogenic past (Jitterbug Perfume is another great example). If you are even reasonably literate, you MUST start reading his work, as it has a wonderful effect on the cranium. REQUEST: Since a trip to the bookstore is looming in my future, does anyone have any recommendations? I currently have nothing on my must read list outside of poker and Just a Geek by
Wil Wheaton, so any recommendations are more than welcome.

For those of you that comprise my thus far limited readership, and whos sense of humor falls on the "wrong" side of that invisible line that seems to be so pervasive these days, I offer this link: Real Ultimate Power. Disturbing, Sad, and brought tears (of laughter) to my eyes. Perhaps it was only funny to me because I went through a similar phase circa 10-12 years old, though never to the depressing and nerdy extent of this kid. Thank God for the little things....

Lest I slip and leave out the "poker" portion of this little blog, here is a decent little thread about overapplying SSHE principles, and the dangers that lie therein. I think that I have decided to not try to get too ultra serious about the amount of time actually spent playing our beloved game, and resort simply to some nice relaxing "pre-holiday farting around" in which I will play 1 or 2 cheap ($5 or $10) one table Sit-n-Gos at least three times per week until the New Year hits. Hooray, my first poker mini-challenge (albeit kind of a lame one)! I will also endeavor to stay away from the 2-table Sit-n-Gos (that are a nefarious magnet for me) as they take too much time for my little mission.

Also, in the very near future, I think that I will begin sharing snippets from what my wife and I like to refer to as "the naughty fridge" in the hopes of bringing a smile or two from those who take the time out to read here. I'm not sure how long this sharing will last, as the fridge is updated only in the most random fashion, but it should be fun to see who else shares in our "wrong" sense of humor.

Let's end today's entry in a hip hop fashion: Holla on the flip side, when I'll be Thinking Bizzel, but my dome will be Much Bigger (-izzel). Hmmm, not so good with the ebonics, maybe I should not try this again. One Love. LOL.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

So, what to speak on today.....hmmm. I'm feeling the need to keep on spouting that which pops into my head because I feel I should do something at least semi-productive while the TV spouts nothing but drivel on this rainy Sunday. I checked on RGP this morning to see if it had improved any since the last time I looked at it about a month ago, and it seems through my light perusal that it has improved a slight bit, which means perhaps I will move the schedule up to checking it bi-weekly. RGP was the first poker forum that I ever found, and it wasn't until I found 2+2 that I realized how annoying it was and started reading it less and less. I just seems as though there was an inordinate amount of beggars and trolls there, and the effort it took to find any good poker content seemed too high. 2+2 really stays on top of things, and thanks to the administrators and the general seriousness of the community there at large, it makes for time much more well spent. If anything interesting actually comes up on RGP, one of my frequently read blogs usually posts something about it, so thanks to those of you who do so.

Uh-oh, now that I've started typing, my brain is starting to feel the tidal press of things I would like to ramble about, how to decide? I guess I'll simply have to go with it and hope that the end result ends up being palatable to those who might give these entries their attention (if only for a brief moment). So, yesterday I decided to leave a comment for IGGY on his most recent posting, even though I have been reading it for some time and have never posted one before, rationalizing that it was high time I said SOMETHING considering my longstanding enjoyment of his uberposts. //Here would be an important spot to remember that on my first post I wouldn't try to get anyone to see this blog until I had been at it for a bit.// So, I woke up this morning to 2 comments in the old Inbox from the man himself (one scathing, the other apologetic and complimentary) which put me face to face with a problem. Which comment was serious? After first admitting to myself that the reason I posted the comment yesterday was because I wanted my blog seen, it shouldn't really matter to me. While we all would like to be validated in some way or another, if we feel we are doing something worthwhile, we should keep at it regardless. Shit, I had a point here but it seems to have gotten lost in the tidal jumble that the oversize cranium currently holds......hmmm perhaps I will pick it up again further on down.

In the last week or so I find myself having to keep a reign on myself and not buy some of the poker books that I KNOW I need to read, and for that matter should have read long ago (there's that wallowing in beginnerdom again). Why have I not purchased the very things that I know will only help my game in the long run, you ask? Because it's almost Christmas and I believe that I will be receiving some of these books, problem is, which ones? I currently have Theory of Poker, Hold'em for Advanced Players, Super System 2 (IF it ever comes out), and Dan Harringtons new book on tournament poker on my list. I figure after I see what the holidays bring I will fill in the blanks and go from there, but man I hate waiting. This brings to mind a book I recently reread, Zen and the Art of Poker. IMHO what makes this book really great is the fact that the principles it contains can be applied quite easily outside of the game, and for those of you/us who can be prone to ATOMIC TILT at times, I consider this a must read.

Sunday, what a beautiful day for laziness, especially now that I have my new 55" LCD Flat Screen HDTV to aid and abet my laziness (yes, that was a shameless attempt at bragging). Can things get any better with the presence of such a device along with about half of a "spicy" cigarrette? I submit that it cannot. Well, it can, but hopefully you see where I'm coming from It is Sunday morning reflection times like these that make working hard and being a responsible adult (well, semi-responsible anyway) worth it. For those that tend towards geekiness/nerdiness as I do, the Return of the King Extended Edition comes out on 12/15 and will have 50 mins of extra footage, which of course will make 12/15 a good day even if it is not. **mmmmm, extra footage, aughhhhhh**

NOTE: All entries that are bracketed by a "**" should be read as if it were Homer Simpson saying it. I tell you this because it is how I hear it when the words hit the page.

Being that I was just able to pick something out of my addled mind I wanted to ask/talk about today, I will only ramble for a bit longer. I want to present to those who might read this one of my (many) current conundrums. At my new job I work from 1-7 PM Mon-Thurs and maybe a few hours on the occasional Friday here and there. While this is FANTASTIC, it relates to the problem that I discussed previously, where I spend more time reading and studying than I do actually playing poker. I play on PokerStars, and the games in the morning are not nearly as good as they are in the evenings so I don't play in the mornings. I know you are asking, "Why the fuck aren't you playing on PP dumbass?" I will address this in the future, but let's ignore that fact for now. So I get home, and by then I'm too tired and/or lazy to play any serious amount of time, as I partly feel that I will not be playing my best game, and my wife wants attention. Being that I am not a complete idiot and know that when my wife is happy, I in turn am happy, I give her the attention she wants (and I'll admit it, deserves). After this I have some strange senior citizen sensibility that kicks in and I am exHOUSted at 10/10:30 and need to go to bed. I know that this happens because I am an inherently early riser (if I sleep past 7:30 AM it is worthy of marking the calendar), regardless of how late I'm up. So, to avoid what Ed Norton in Fight Club refers to as, "Everything is a copy of a copy", I'm usually asleep by midnight. So, any suggestions besides "Get on PP you idiot"? Is it possible to have my cake and eat it too? Well, after writing all of this, I think not. I guess I will have to bite that damn bullet and learn to stay up late. There, I KNEW this blogging thing was good for something.

With that in mind I will shut the hell up for now, and hopefully you will see fit to look me up again, where I will be Thinking Big, but even so, my head will be Much Bigger.