Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

So, what to speak on today.....hmmm. I'm feeling the need to keep on spouting that which pops into my head because I feel I should do something at least semi-productive while the TV spouts nothing but drivel on this rainy Sunday. I checked on RGP this morning to see if it had improved any since the last time I looked at it about a month ago, and it seems through my light perusal that it has improved a slight bit, which means perhaps I will move the schedule up to checking it bi-weekly. RGP was the first poker forum that I ever found, and it wasn't until I found 2+2 that I realized how annoying it was and started reading it less and less. I just seems as though there was an inordinate amount of beggars and trolls there, and the effort it took to find any good poker content seemed too high. 2+2 really stays on top of things, and thanks to the administrators and the general seriousness of the community there at large, it makes for time much more well spent. If anything interesting actually comes up on RGP, one of my frequently read blogs usually posts something about it, so thanks to those of you who do so.

Uh-oh, now that I've started typing, my brain is starting to feel the tidal press of things I would like to ramble about, how to decide? I guess I'll simply have to go with it and hope that the end result ends up being palatable to those who might give these entries their attention (if only for a brief moment). So, yesterday I decided to leave a comment for IGGY on his most recent posting, even though I have been reading it for some time and have never posted one before, rationalizing that it was high time I said SOMETHING considering my longstanding enjoyment of his uberposts. //Here would be an important spot to remember that on my first post I wouldn't try to get anyone to see this blog until I had been at it for a bit.// So, I woke up this morning to 2 comments in the old Inbox from the man himself (one scathing, the other apologetic and complimentary) which put me face to face with a problem. Which comment was serious? After first admitting to myself that the reason I posted the comment yesterday was because I wanted my blog seen, it shouldn't really matter to me. While we all would like to be validated in some way or another, if we feel we are doing something worthwhile, we should keep at it regardless. Shit, I had a point here but it seems to have gotten lost in the tidal jumble that the oversize cranium currently holds......hmmm perhaps I will pick it up again further on down.

In the last week or so I find myself having to keep a reign on myself and not buy some of the poker books that I KNOW I need to read, and for that matter should have read long ago (there's that wallowing in beginnerdom again). Why have I not purchased the very things that I know will only help my game in the long run, you ask? Because it's almost Christmas and I believe that I will be receiving some of these books, problem is, which ones? I currently have Theory of Poker, Hold'em for Advanced Players, Super System 2 (IF it ever comes out), and Dan Harringtons new book on tournament poker on my list. I figure after I see what the holidays bring I will fill in the blanks and go from there, but man I hate waiting. This brings to mind a book I recently reread, Zen and the Art of Poker. IMHO what makes this book really great is the fact that the principles it contains can be applied quite easily outside of the game, and for those of you/us who can be prone to ATOMIC TILT at times, I consider this a must read.

Sunday, what a beautiful day for laziness, especially now that I have my new 55" LCD Flat Screen HDTV to aid and abet my laziness (yes, that was a shameless attempt at bragging). Can things get any better with the presence of such a device along with about half of a "spicy" cigarrette? I submit that it cannot. Well, it can, but hopefully you see where I'm coming from It is Sunday morning reflection times like these that make working hard and being a responsible adult (well, semi-responsible anyway) worth it. For those that tend towards geekiness/nerdiness as I do, the Return of the King Extended Edition comes out on 12/15 and will have 50 mins of extra footage, which of course will make 12/15 a good day even if it is not. **mmmmm, extra footage, aughhhhhh**

NOTE: All entries that are bracketed by a "**" should be read as if it were Homer Simpson saying it. I tell you this because it is how I hear it when the words hit the page.

Being that I was just able to pick something out of my addled mind I wanted to ask/talk about today, I will only ramble for a bit longer. I want to present to those who might read this one of my (many) current conundrums. At my new job I work from 1-7 PM Mon-Thurs and maybe a few hours on the occasional Friday here and there. While this is FANTASTIC, it relates to the problem that I discussed previously, where I spend more time reading and studying than I do actually playing poker. I play on PokerStars, and the games in the morning are not nearly as good as they are in the evenings so I don't play in the mornings. I know you are asking, "Why the fuck aren't you playing on PP dumbass?" I will address this in the future, but let's ignore that fact for now. So I get home, and by then I'm too tired and/or lazy to play any serious amount of time, as I partly feel that I will not be playing my best game, and my wife wants attention. Being that I am not a complete idiot and know that when my wife is happy, I in turn am happy, I give her the attention she wants (and I'll admit it, deserves). After this I have some strange senior citizen sensibility that kicks in and I am exHOUSted at 10/10:30 and need to go to bed. I know that this happens because I am an inherently early riser (if I sleep past 7:30 AM it is worthy of marking the calendar), regardless of how late I'm up. So, to avoid what Ed Norton in Fight Club refers to as, "Everything is a copy of a copy", I'm usually asleep by midnight. So, any suggestions besides "Get on PP you idiot"? Is it possible to have my cake and eat it too? Well, after writing all of this, I think not. I guess I will have to bite that damn bullet and learn to stay up late. There, I KNEW this blogging thing was good for something.

With that in mind I will shut the hell up for now, and hopefully you will see fit to look me up again, where I will be Thinking Big, but even so, my head will be Much Bigger.