Thursday, May 19, 2005

A bit of explanation

Starting off, I got a heads up from Baz concerning the latest Lord Admiral Card Club Radio Show , where I actually got a mention! Thanks for letting me know, and huge HUGE thanks to Stackstown for the pimping. Getting mentioned is great and made me feel like a bit of an ass (which seems to be a near daily occurrence at some point or another) when I checked out my link list and saw that I had Stacks but not the podcast site linked up. I corrected this oversight post haste, and stuck you guys on the top of the list. I have the last five episodes downloaded but have simply not listened to them yet, so having it at the top will remind me to get on it lest I get too far behind. Plus, it’s just fun to listen to and deserves to be up there. One thing is odd, though, and I wonder if this happens to anyone else: Every time I listen to the show I find myself thinking something along the lines of “Holy shit these are real people!” Of course I know that all of the folks that I read are real, but actually hearing them makes it more so, somehow.

Again, many heartfelt thanks for the mention.

Some of you perhaps are wondering why there hasn’t been much in the way of poker talk present on these here pages recently, so I thought it might be appropriate to offer some sort of explanation, and leave the ‘2005: Banner year for getting knocked up’ post and other random shit for another day.

Yes, yes, I’m busy, this is not news, so is the rest of the planet. More specifically though, on top of all the busy B.S., I have found that for the last 2 ½ weeks I can’t seem to bring myself to sit down at a table. I’ll sit and watch Mrs. Head play a SnG or two, but even watching her hasn’t tempted me to play. Normally, when this occurs (as it has twice before over the last 18 months) I go play a bit of live poker in K.C. and it re-energizes my desire to play the game. I would have already done this, but we’re so damn close to Vegas I figure I’ll just wait until then.

I debate nearly every day on whether or not I should sit, if for no other reason than to try and keep my game as sharp as possible, but I always come up with a “no”. I will get in a few sessions before we leave, plus I plan on going through SSHE (yet again), but by and large sitting down without bringing my best game and having my head in it will do more harm than good. This is especially important given the fact that my online bankroll is only around $1100 after dropping $400 or so on more toys, which is a nice segue into the other reason I haven’t played for the last couple of weeks….

I have become re-obsessed with video games and all things related. Granted, I have been obsessed with video games to varying degrees since I was about 7 years old and there have always been peaks and valleys with the obsession, but right now I seem to be peaking again. More specifically, I recently bought a Nintendo DS and have been playing the hell out of it, replaying a lot of my GBA games which look great on it (I think this has something to do with the brightness of the screen, but I digress), and playing a bunch of new Xbox games I have recently acquired, including Jade Empire, which is a kick-ass game. If you like RPG’s at all, you can pick up nearly anything from BioWare and it will be great. They are one of the best RPG development houses out there and Jade Empire is simply another in a long line of great titles. Also, as if you fellow video game lovers out there didn’t already know, this week is E3, so a lot of spare minutes here and there have been spent hopping over to GameSpot to get the latest. If you don’t know what E3 is, it’s like I told the Mrs. last night: E3 is like a week long super bowl for gamers, where all of the biggest companies present the newest and coolest stuff they’re working on, tell a bunch of lies, get us all hepped up, and then rarely live up to the expectations that they’ve fostered. Nevertheless, it’s tons of fun and always finds me being a sucker.

So, there you have it. I do have some actual poker posts in the pipe, I just need a bit more time to let my thoughts gel on the various subjects I have been pondering concerning the game. So, even though I haven’t been playing, I still think about it every day and I am continually getting tons of poker goodness from the other great bloggers out there. You all continue to help me keep my game as sharp as can be without actually playing, so thanks for that and thanks again for stopping by. Now I have to get back to my steaming pile of work and school whilst I try to ignore the Vegas anticipation that is near to killing me :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The incredible shrinking days of our lives

I can’t believe I actually snatched a few minutes to write up a quick post. It’s definitely true when they say there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ve tried to take a more Zen approach and simplify a bit, but it’s like a bald, slightly tubby Hercules battling the Hydra. I “simplify” one thing, and several more non-optional things spring up in its place. This must be the wrong career field to try and go the simple route, meh.

Of the three times in my life that I’ve been to see a psychic, all of them told me that I was a slave in a former life. I find this odd for several reasons, the first being that all three said the same thing. Perhaps it is part of a psychic script they all use. The second thing I find odd is the fact that I also seem to be a slave in this lifetime, albeit one with a white collar (or if I’m feeling frisky, cornflower blue). Looks like I’ve still got some more shit to work out on the karma wheel, but hey, it explains a lot about my violent reaction to overbearing and unreasonable authority.

Not really sure why I felt compelled to share that, but there ya go. Oh, and should you think I am a supernatural, New-Agey looney toons type, I only take about 5% of all the psychic stuff seriously. (Why 5%? I try to never totally discount something, even if it is likely to be completely ludicrous. Well, unless you’re counting the people who say that poker is all luck and no skill, or Orrin Hatch. I totally discount those).

Well, I was gonna write more, but time is up. More tomorrow on how 2005 seems to be turning out to be a banner year for getting knocked up. (No, Mrs. Head is not pregnant, perish the thought)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Just some stuff

Goddamn I’ve been way out of it for the last couple of days. So out of it, in fact, that I completely spaced the final WPBT WSOP satellite. My bad. I guess in a sense it’s a good thing considering the way a certain badass motherfuckin’ card player was mowing folks down on the way to the top spot. AlCanSeetheFuture indeed.

I have come to the conclusion that nearly every single person in my town is lost. Sure they live here, but they have no idea where they’re going. Three separate times yesterday, someone came to near full stop so they could get over into the lane that they needed at the last minute, and one of those time was on the fuckin’ highway! I really need to find a way to get a hold of some ‘fuck you’ money so I can ram these people when it suits me. I think some of them just get into there car and drive simply out of habit, going twenty and deciding at the last moment that they have to turn in the most inconvenient spot.

So here’s my safety tip for the day: If you fuck up and miss your turn or exit, just keep going to the next one. This way, you and everyone else will go on living, and my head won’t explode. Seriously, these people are going to be the death of me.

With Vegas sooooooooooo damn close now, has the idea of Storming the Castle made any progress, or is everyone going to be hanging at the Rio watching our folks?

I also have a tentative bounty to offer, but I haven’t decided if it is it. I’m thinking I will offer a copy of one of my favorite CD’s. Tenacious D. No, not the rock one that came out a while ago, that one was pretty lame for the most part. This is all of the notable audio from all the Tenacious D episodes along with all of their songs done acoustic, the way they were meant to be.

In search of the Sasquatch, that was a kick ass in search of…..