Thursday, May 10, 2007

Killer buds

Don't think this needs too much more comment.

The department's investigation began with a 911 call from Sanchez's home on April 21, 2006. On a 5-minute tape of the call, obtained by the Free Press, Sanchez told an emergency dispatcher he thought he and his wife were overdosing on marijuana.

"I think we're dying," he said. "We made brownies and I think we're dead, I really do."

Globalization + War on Terror = Freedom Bath

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Raids across Germany on G-8 fears

By KIRSTEN GRIESHABER, Associated Press Writer Wed May 9, 8:00 AM ET

BERLIN - Police raided the premises of leftist groups in cities across Germany Wednesday on suspicion of a plot to attack next month's G-8 summit.


More than 900 federal and local police officers in cities including Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen searched some 40 apartments or offices used by various leftist groups, federal prosecutors said in a statement.

The prosecutors said they were investigating more than 18 individuals suspected of organizing a terrorist group. They said they were focused on dismantling a Web server where many leftists and groups and projects maintained their internet sites and mailing lists.

"The militant extreme left groups and their members are suspected of having founded a terrorist group, or of being members of such an organization, with the specific goal of staging firebombings and other violent attacks in order to disrupt or prevent the upcoming G-8 summit," the statement said.

The Anti-Fascist Leftists of Berlin said the searches targeted activists who were organizing protests against the summit of the Group of Eight industrialized nations.

"The only point of these searches is to criminalize and disrupt the protests against the G-8," the group said. "The accusation that terrorists would coordinate their movements through a leftist-run Internet server is ridiculous."

Federal investigators have expressed concern the summit in the Baltic Sea resort of Heiligendamm could be a target for attack.

In December, anti-G-8 activists splashed paint on a hotel at the resort in northeastern Germany.

G-8 summits have often been a magnet for protests against globalization. At a summit in Genoa in 2001, the demonstrations turned violent, with protesters and police battling in the streets for days.

German security officials have built a $17 million fence around the resort in an effort to keep protesters from the event, hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The leaders of the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Canada, and Japan are also to attend.

Oh God, a meme

It is I. He, now known as “used to write a poker blog, sort of”.

The Head. Given leave to be a freak in new ways.

I wonder often as to why I have not been definitively shunned by the PoBlo Community* and forced to wander alone in the electronic wilderness searching for a new home given that any pretense to writing more than twice a year on the subject of poker is completely and utterly gone for the foreseeable future.

Color me happy. I love my degenerate, ghey pals.

*(sounds just as unwieldy as “poker blogging community”, but with a spiffy pop-PR veneer. Perhaps we can get a jump on things and create our own UN Habitat for Sustained Development before we’re all forced into enclaves with people we hate. We now have the name!)

As an aside, another thing I wonder about is why some (including myself) are so inclined to toss out personal “little known things” to the electronic masses. I hope it’s something deeper and more complex than abject narcissism, because if that’s true I’m gonna be kind of sad. I didn’t say I’d stop. I just said it would make me sad. Any further posts of mine you might read would simply have to be with the knowledge that I was sniffing and crying rivulets while compulsively typing like a heroin-addicted baboon with intimate knowledge of what he is. A horrifying thought, to be sure.

Or, Maudie (9th degree tagging professional) could be the NSA trying to build a psychological profile on me for future exploitation. Whatever the case, there seems to be some sense of “do I really want to do this?” that hangs about. Not that such thoughts ever stopped me before. I’m just sayin’.

Here are some little known things about me for your voyeuristic pleasure—

1. I’m black. I know, I look white. You’ll just have to trust me.
2. I’m constantly looking to squeegee my third eye. However you want to take that is fine with me. (if either way is true, does that count as two? I always have been an overachiever—oops, there’s three)
3. I’m one of those people, at least in part. I looked around one day and realized I had two miniature dogs with names beginning in the same letter like some suburbanite cutesy mushhead. Simon and Stella, who I treat for the most part like actual kids and refer to them as such at least half of the time. I should beat myself up.
4. I crapped my pants once in kindergarten. Full on. I still can’t talk very much about it. Although, nowadays I project supreme “I won’t soil myself” confidence by going full-time commando (dammit, that’s two again).
5. I still listen to Natalie Merchant’s Tigerlily at least twice a year. It’s some weird biomusicalogical clock thing. Why am I telling you people this?
6. I think Hitler was just misunderstood. Okay, that’s a dirty lie. I just wanted to get your mind off of #5 for a second.
7. I’m of the mind that it would be much better to be deaf than it would be to be blind. I could live without hearing much easier than I could without books. Seriously, the absence of books would be a devastating blow.

I'm terrible at these games.

Next Up—

Facty (who needs to be tagged multiple times, as she is missed)
Pauly (just because it will probably annoy him)

And a Happy Midlife Crisis to Ignatious, the biggest little guy evar.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Electric Fusion

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty goddamn ready for this.

America, grab on to this guy....

...and don't let go.

From Ron Paul's site--

Press Release

Ron Paul Builds Momentum


May 8, 2007

ARLINGTON, VA – Congressman Ron Paul's support has soared since the first Republican presidential debate. Conservative commentator John McLaughlin, host of “The McLaughlin Group," cited Ron Paul as having given "the best performance of the debate." In fact, the Paul campaign's apparent strength has many other pundits scrambling to explain it. Paul campaign officials offer the following examples of the candidate's rising success.

Since the debate on May 3, Ron Paul:

  • Handily won two post-debate polls posted by event sponsor MSNBC
  • Placed a close third (18%) in a post-debate poll on the conservative Drudge Report
  • Won an online debate poll with 84%
  • Won a C-SPAN online GOP candidate poll with 69%
  • Became the third most-mentioned person in the blogosphere, beating out Paris Hilton, according to the reputable
  • Produced a video that was ranked the 8th most popular overall video, and the most-viewed political video
  • Was featured, by popular demand, on the front of
  • Generated so many bulletin posts on that the site owner News Corp. blocked all additional posts about Dr. Paul
  • Became a "most searched" term on Google and Yahoo!
  • Saw a quadrupling of daily visitors to

"These figures speak for themselves," said campaign chairman Kent Snyder. "Ron Paul has quickly become a strong contender for the GOP nomination because of his powerful message of freedom and limited government."

Monday, May 07, 2007

Breaking News

I thought this might be important in light of the ever-widening (except scope of reporting) outreach of the tainted pet food recall.

Bulletin from yahoo health.

Dear Cheryl Koch M.S, R.D.,

Certainly this has been a momentous news day, your article being the icing on the proverbial cake. Since you were likely busy slaving over what must have been massive intellectual peaks to write such substantive material, there’s little doubt that you didn’t have time to learn what I did today. So, to demonstrate my gratitude for this neurological manna from the heavens, allow me to reciprocate in what ways I can by sharing the things that I learned today. I know it’s not much, but it’s all I have.

--The earth in fact IS round, something you probably already knew. What I bet you weren’t aware of was that it floats through this stuff/thing called “space.” Yeah, I know. Heavy. Let it take a while to sink in, and if you’re so inclined we can get more into the subject later. I’m warning you, it’s big.

--The pope, rather than being the godfather over a cadre of pedophiles—no not all of them, but still, a whole fucking lot --(who it seems must have been regularly sharpening his teeth since his ascendance to the pope throne, and who also looks a bit more like Bela Lugosi every day), are you sitting down, is CATHOLIC.

--Paris Hilton and her retinue of drunken minor celebrity debutantes, it turns out, really do not matter. Whatsoever. I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

--The craziest item of the day is that the sun came up this morning. Who could’ve seen that one coming? I mean, Jesus, it had been dark for like, 8 hours. Good thing I decided not to lay that C-note down on the homeless guy who gave me 1000-1 on the reappearance of that insidious Global Warmer (and by Global Warmer, I mean Earth Killer).

I do have a couple questions in closing, though.

Do they actually pay you money for writing this, or are you being blackmailed? What was it? Cocaine and hermaphrodite midgets? You can tell us.

How does it make you feel to have sold your soul?

Yours in incredulousness and anger,