Friday, December 10, 2004

Inaugural Fridge Appearance

Hey there everyone, this is going to be a short one so fear not, I promise not to take too much of your time. I plan on playing some more SnG's this afternoon or this evening so as to keep up with my self imposed pre-holiday playing guidelines. I'm sure once I get started I will be playing more than the minimum I have set out for myself.

I just saw a commercial that I haven't seen in a while that always makes me laugh out loud. I believe it is a Lipitor commercial where the older guy is walking on the beach, talking about how he's "healthy enough to go out and surprise a few clams." Hilarious. I'm not for sure if it's Lipitor or not, as it typically goes in one ear and out the other until I hear the key "clams" phrase. I am getting a rant together concerning my thoughts on TV commercials that I hope to share soon.

For now, I leave you with the first entry from the "naughty fridge", as I have schoolwork, errands, and other assorted unhappy shit that must be attended to while the other bloggers are getting together in Vegas. Bastards.

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My wife found this article in Wine Spectator and was cackling madly. If you can't figure out why the title is funny, (insert Bernie Mac voice) I'm Sorry For 'Ya. Pay no attention to the photo, as that is me shitfaced on a friends John Deere lawnmower circa 1999 when I was still enlisted. A definite poor example of partying "like it's 1999".