Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Dot, dot, dot

I just checked the rankings board for the WPBT, 137th. Jeeebus, I’m some kinda monkey. I gotta do better on the next one, but I can’t. Why? It just dawned on me this morning that I have school stuff going on the entire evening of the 30th. Stupid goddamn edyookashun. Mrs. Head will probably be representing in my stead and will most likely put my past performances to shame.

Full Tilt is slowly but surely causing some, well, Full Tilt. I couldn’t win an SnG there if you stuck a gun to my head. At this point, it’s becoming more my fault than the cards, because I found myself on my last try last night expecting to get bad beat with impossible cards, not good. I need to get these thoughts readjusted, and learn to adjust because things aren’t going to get any better the way I’m thinking now. (Gee, how’s that for the most obvious statement of the week?) I also got to play a bit with Shelly at the .50/1 tables, which was a good time. She was spanking fishies like an anger management attendee in a room full of behaviorally impaired kids. Quite a pleasure to watch as I hung around with my stack about even, watching all flops come completely opposite to any good cards that I picked up. I couldn’t stay long, though, as the aforementioned SnG had me on tilt enough to know it would be a good idea to log off for the night. Oy vey.

More hard-hitting stuff on the news today….Teens are abusing cold medicine, it’s called Skittling, because they look like Skittles, how novel. They had one girl on that kicked her ‘addiction’ and is busy raising awareness after taking 94 of the tablets, what a good little citizen. How come no one can seem to grasp the fact that 94 of pretty much anything isn’t very good?

94 pieces of bacon? Delicious, but not good.

Punching someone 94 times? Fun, but you’ll probably hurt yourself as bad as you hurt them in the end.

Working 94 days straight? Challenging, but bad for anyone.

Is being a teen something that people just forget about as they get older? I hate teens, but I still remember that I was one. I also remember that abusing things is what they do. ‘Tussin, eating/smoking morning glory seeds, etc., I would try nearly anything when I was a teen to see what would bring a buzz. Hell, one time I rolled up a french fry in a napkin and tried to smoke it just to see if I could. If you would have dared me, I would have tried to drink a 40 oz. of Olive Oil just to say I did. Point is, most teens will be abusing and/or experimenting with something. I wonder why folks continue to think new laws are going to solve this?

Ah well, time to turn off the TV and try to reclaim some of the sanity I originally had when I woke up.