Thursday, March 24, 2005


Last night’s episode of the WPT had some good entertainment on tap in the form of Tony G. I love that guy. Scratch that, I love watching that guy. If I had to play with him I fear I might be overwhelmed by the urge to stab him in the throat. The WPT is so much better this year, except for one thing: The freaking voice-over commercials. I realize that this gripe is nothing new to anyone, but damn, they really suck. Those little 30 second craptastic productions really take away from the shows.

While watching, every time they showed Isabelle Mercier I had the strange urge to phone Mean Gene to make sure he was watching. I don’t know Gene, have never spoken with him, and certainly don’t have his telephone number, so why I kept thinking that is truly beyond me. I gotta get away from the computer.

Being bogged down with work and school junk, I played no poker last night, but I did get to sweat Mrs. Head as she broke her four SnG losing streak and garnered a second place. Longest $5 SnG EVER. Everyone except the top 3 were out before the blinds reached 50/100. From there they battled for nearly another hour and a half, absolutely unreal. No one could bust the others. Also, just when you start to think you have seen just about everything during the long hours at the virtual tables, POW!, something else comes along. I witnessed a one of the other players in that tourney get AA eight times. Eight Times! In 90 minutes! I need better math skills (to compliment my bo staff, nunchuck, and other assorted ninja skills); I would like to know what the odds are on that happening because it certainly seems that they would be very long.

Per usual, Easter is near and I had no idea. Thank goodness I have at least a few days notice so I can make sure I don’t get out on the roads on Sunday with all of those who view strict adherence to the speed limit as being directly proportional to the strength of one’s moral fiber. Tomorrow being Good Friday, I think I’m going to cook some lamb, perhaps with some risotto. Paired with a nice bottle of wine it should serve to turn Good Friday into Great Friday.

Also, if I’m able to snatch some extra time I may try to pen an ode to the Cadbury Egg, the king of Easter delicacies.