Wednesday, November 29, 2006

StB's Response

(Note: The following response from StB is posted without edit. For those just joining the discussion, start here and work your way forward. My own response to this will likely come in two or three parts, the first of which I hope to have posted this afternoon or evening.)

Hitler Youth. Not at war. And inferring that 9/11 was an inside job,
supported by a link to a group that is largely a joke.

Hitler Youth? I have read that article a couple of times. How that one
sentence suddenly inspires the kids of the Third Reich is mysterious. What
about these sentences:
“The entire program is designed for teens who may be teenage parents,
juvenile delinquents, low income, or coping with a learning or other
“There is no tuition, and the campers, mostly 11th and 12th graders, are
paid minimum wage so that they can spend these hours learning instead of
flipping burgers.” “
“When the eight-week program ends Aug. 23, graduates will be certified in
first aid, CPR (both human and animal), and what organizers call "terrorism

Sounds like the kids are being taught skills that they may be able to use
later in life. In fact that is what is happening. The program is funded by
the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training. Not Homeland Security.
Fact is, the Department of Homeland Security has nothing to do with the
camp. Neither would I consider learning CPR or first aid part of a
“horrifically aggressive government and intelligence apparatus”. It is just
camp. Why read into it?

What is next? Are the Boys Scouts part of the conspiracy? After all, they
learn the same skills that these campers are being taught. Maybe computer
camp should be banned so the next generation won’t become minions of
Microsoft. If you aren’t meaning to compare these kids to Nazis, then why
bring up the Hitler Youth to begin with? The inference has been made.

It is quite simple. Some things have no hidden meaning. Just a job program
helping kids attain skills that may help them later in life. They are not
becoming secret minions to be called into service at a later time.

Have you been having drinks with GeorgeSoros lately? Seriously, to say there is no War on Terror is silly.
There are people out there that would like to kill you just because you are
a citizen of the United States. The don’t care that you are a good guy.
They want to kill you. Unless you will change to their ways life under sharia law and dhiminitude.
To prevent this we need more actions like the MilitaryCommission Act. Unlike how you would like to interpret the Act, I agree with the side that says habeus corpus is not being removed from American citizens. While our enemy is slitting throats of prisoners, we get them fat.
Sounds like pretty solid torture, eh?

Same with the wiretapping and bank wires. Unlike how others would like you
to believe, they were not taping conversations between you and your Aunt
Milly. It is illogical. Thus, unless I talking with someone in a terrorist
nation, have made trips to jihadi military camps, and were on the verge of
change your religion, citizenship and name to Bahtenda al-Needabeer, they
are not listening to my calls. It is impossible. It would be very nice if
reporters who have their own agenda to put forward would not put you and me
at risk. Not every law that is passed is going to affect law abiding

It would be nice if the media would work with the government, instead of
against it. They would everyone to think it is ugly all over Iraq. I am
not saying it is pretty but it would be nice if they would actually have
reporters there, on the scene instead of relying on the enemy to report false news.
How about the good the American soldier has done? The country will be much
better off for having him out of power.

The link to the nutballs at the Scholars for Truth had to be for comedic
effect. Any group that has lots of infighting and believes some kind of Star Wars death ray brought the
towers down is funny.

I am sure some of this sounds pretty naive to you but it shouldn't.
Actually it is just seeing things for how they are. Not all things have a
hidden meaning indicating the government is out to get me, nor are they
stripping me of my rights. Well except to spend money as I see fit in
online poker rooms.