Sunday, December 24, 2006

Before and After Accessories

Rather than continuing to grinch my way through the [insert bipartisan, politically-correct, non-offensive, religio/ethno celebratory event designation here--or “non” as certain individuals may be] Season by focusing on persons or smaller subsections, I thought today might be a nice day to shift the focus to a larger group. This group includes you. The same group also includes me.

The group is Every Single Ordinary American.

The level of society where you currently happen to reside matters not. Young or old, rich or poor, if you pay taxes at all you are a part of this group. In the end it is all in the same large pool, a pool stricken by a financial fungus spread almost too far to comprehend. However, the current leprosy-ridden financials of the nation are not the current point. I only mention it in order to stress that a goodly portion of your money goes into that pool.

There is proof upon proof that there was no justified reason to go to war in Iraq. Americans have funded, bled, and died for what amounts to a (nearly complete) corporate takeover of government alongside wars of aggression that serve only to sow death and destruction, with the aim of reaping power and profit. While many are finally beginning to wake up intellectually to the fact, it can be counted on that
70% at least realize it instinctually.

Then why, pray tell, are we not only allowing, but funding, this drive in policy and practice that seeks to destroy and control not just others but us, as well?

We are allowing and funding structures controlled by people that foment nothing but death, destruction, aggression, arrogance, and fear. They are people (some who you know, and many that you don’t) exhibiting no other traits than those of sheer lunacy.

(oh the slander....oh the defamation.)


While everyone hollies and jollies it up, in many cases by astutely adhering to the presidential directive to “go shopping”, a few other things happened this weekend that are neither holly nor jolly. General Casey, it seems, is now willing to back an increase in US troops in Iraq, even though, until very recently, he has been outspokenly opposed to the idea. Of peculiar note is not only the sudden reversal of viewpoint, but also the distinct lack of explanation for said reversal. This is another example of the government requiring you to a) listen better or b) think harder, if you are of the mind that it’s impossible to be opposed to something while at the same time being “open to it.”

a draft would be good for society, but we don’t support it or plan to use it)

Congruent with this is some interesting news from the

“When President George W Bush meets his national security team at his Texan ranch this week to draw up a new military strategy for Iraq, a 56-slide PowerPoint presentation entitled Choosing Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq will be at the heart of their discussion.”

Aside from the title smacking of blatant propaganda in the extreme, you should be aware of who came up with the "Choosing Victory" strategy, our very own Frederick Kagan over at the American Enterprise Institute along with assistance from General Jack Keane. Frederick Kagan, if you’ll remember, was a signatory on the PNAC document Rebuilding America’s Defenses, and who is related to PNAC co-founder Robert Kagan. Really, the entire roster of associated folks boggles the mind and is astonishing in the fact that these are the same people who played large roles in getting us neck deep in the Iraq quagmire in the first place.

George Bush is once again favoring a plan brought to you by the same people that helped to cause, and seek to prolong, a tragedy that is of truly epic proportions.


While it didn’t happen on Christmas Eve Day, but did happen over the [insert bipartisan, politically-correct, non-offensive, religio/ethno celebratory event designation here--or “non” as certain individuals may be] Weekend, the
UN also approved sanctions against Iran. Have you been to this puppet show? Have you seen these strings before? It was only a short time ago when there were strict sanctions against Iraq. Who wants to lay me odds that it won’t be very long before we start to hear the same increasingly shrill cries about how ineffective the UN sanctions are, and that the only way they can be effective is to move ahead with military actions and attack?


70% of Americans do not support this war, yet we lend our tacit support by not demanding that our representatives, be they Democrat or Republican, end it immediately. Rest assured that if we allow a third war to be launched, knowing the things we now know, then there will truly be little hope for us or our figurative "way of life". Our infrastructure will continue being handed over to foreigners as our economy continues it’s acceleration toward an abrupt bottom. The world will increasingly point their fingers toward us as being responsible for catastrophes throughout the world—and they will largely be correct in doing so--they will welcome our demise and feel relieved by it. Our politicians will walk away rich and free while We the People bear the inevitable consequences (unfortunately this is not limited to the US--Britons are under a very advanced and corrupt government thumb, as well).

If I tell you give me money and I use that money to cause massive death and
increasingly encroach upon your existence (and lie about it), when I come back and ask for more are you going to give it to me? What if I tell you it’s “for democracy” as I change suits? Will that do it? What if I throw in a timely reminder about how scary brown people are?

Why do you let the government do it?

If you have been tricked into something that is wrong, then a true plausible deniability may exist. However, once you know (or at least have an instinctive, 70%-type, idea) of what’s going on and you continue to support it (tacitly, vocally, financially, etc.), you become an accessory after the fact (Iraq) and an accessory before (Iran).

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

What goes around comes around.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Stand up and do not let it happen—
while you still can. Stop letting yourselves be criminally entrapped (through slow and steady increments) by the very people who claim to be working in our best interest. Put a stop to the financing of your destruction.

Merry [insert bipartisan, politically-correct, non-offensive, religio/ethno celebratory event designation here--or “non” as certain individuals may be] !