Friday, February 24, 2006

Adrenaline Decline

The massive adrenaline overdose is finally winding down. After languishing in this pit of despair for so long, good news had the effect of sending me higher than I would normally be, hence the previous title. I was on natural smack.

I wonder if this is anything like how Mandela felt when he was finally released? (wow, someone is feeling grandiose and expansive)

My evenings and weekends are certainly going to be less relaxing for a while, that’s for sure and that’s cool. As it works out, I’m to report for work on April 3rd which means that I get to wave goodbye to this place every single day for the next four weeks or so. Thanks to every single person who threw some mojo this way, it is and has been much appreciated.

The reason it took so long, it seems, is that my soon-to-be boss was busy fighting with the higher powers about salary (which ended up in my favor, sweet). As miserable as it’s been waiting around it’s hard to be mad with news that good.

The only thing that would make it better would be if Rachel can get into a satisfactory position so we both leave here with jobs. Either way, after a miserable 2005 when every obstacle seemed to jump in our path for no apparent reason, it’s nice to finally feel the winds blowing in a favorable direction.

Thanks again to all for the vibes. Now I’ll shut up and get the fuck over it already :)