Thursday, February 23, 2006


What a day. It’s just nothing but annoying when work gets in the way of nonsensical blogging activity. A new phone uplift project is ramping up which means more days like this over the next month.


Do you like to watch American Idol but can’t stand watching American Idol? Me too. There’s no good explanation why it took me so damn long to do this, but due to extended hours yesterday I had to record the show for Rachel who is the AI addict in the house. DVR’d is the only way to watch the show. We didn’t start watching until the show ended at 9 PM, and after fast-forwarding through all of the fabulous and innovative Ford commercials and informative recapping, the show wrapped at 9:50. That’s 70 full minutes of nothing but pure fluffy SHITE. Clouds and Northern Bath Tissue have nothing on these folks, and looking back at all of the times I’ve actually sat through show it makes me wonder why I’m not suffering from a Coma of No Return.

It is fun to watch and expunge any snark that may have built up throughout the day, though.

Who else noticed after the first guy sang when they flashed to his parents? Holy atomic collagen bomb, Batman! Trust me, it’s worth finding the show just to witness the horror. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Waitaminute, yes I have….on the Discovery Channel—Plastic Surgery: Before and After and Horribly Awry. Plus, it’s on again tonight! I’m tying to decide between watching again and drinking all of the cleaning products in the house.


Tonight is going to be Thursday Evening Live Blog: Thoughts as They Come To Me, so stay tuned. Guaranteed to be the heezy or the worst thing you’ve ever read. Ironically, these guarantees may actually be the same thing.

Kind of like American Idol. Extra Wunderbar.