Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Linking to Goodness

I’m trying to catch up on my missed Bloglines reading and holy hell there’s some good pokery content out there.

Scurvy’s post, Know Thy Equity, was awesome even though I made my way through it at approximately the speed of a small child learning to read. Always huge portions of pokery goodness. Posts that make you to think are always a great thing, unlike most of the empty drivel spewed here. Reading here just might make you dumber. Be careful is all I’m saying. Much like the high-five, no thorough scientific studies have been done on the effects of blog silliness.

The innovative and groundbreaking work just keeps on coming. (Hey, if Ford can say it with a straight face, then so can I)

Then there’s Nerd, my personal SnG Jesus. His recent posts have an underlying tone of surliness and “I’m lovin’ it” (just had a McD’s sausage and egg and I can’t not say it). I’m also pumped that he is willing to give away nuggets from his massive warehouse of SnG’s knowledge at such a cheap price. I just hope he still wants to do it when I finally get the time. If you don’t know about Nerd (and I can’t imagine how such a thing would be possible), get over and start going through the archives to counteract some of the stupidity on these here pages.

DoubleAs. I don’t really need to say anymore. His pages constantly drip with epic amounts of advanced knowledge.

And of course, the best uber-posting still springs forth from the diminutive Blogfather. The last couple have been especially good and destroyed copious amounts of my already declining productivity.

There you are. I figure if I’m not writing about poker myself I should be linking to those who are and at least try to maintain the appearance of a poker blog until that future day when I decide to start pontificating about the game again.


Thanks for all of the comments on the last post dealing with my pansy-assedness concerning kids. It’s been kind of fun to think about, at least to the extent that I’m trying to come up with t-shirt ideas for when the day comes. Something along the lines of, “I knocked up my wife and all I got was this stupid kid” (only to be worn till the kid can read) Or how about this one for the kid? “Loin Fruit.” or “Fruit of the Loins”. I can see the nasty looks I’ll be getting already.

Any and all ideas for other t-shirts welcome any time.