Saturday, October 29, 2005

Uggh, airports.

Umm….yeah…so I just finished the first interview of my life that I would actually describe as “grueling”. Holy hell, I think I accidentally walked my way into a full on serious ADULT-type job.

Throughout my work history I have always been able to tell where I stand with the interviewer in question. Their eyes and facial expression are normally transparent enough for me to gauge whether or not they like me and the drivel that I’m spewing their way. Not so this time. For the most part I may as well have been interviewing with a bunch of world renowned poker pro’s. These people gave away not a hint of what was going through their heads, so now I get to stew for a while wondering what kind of phone call or email I’ll be getting (if I get one at all :))

Time to get on the plane, be back soon.

(Funny thing, when I was younger I used to think that doing a bunch of “business traveling” would be really cool. Cell phone, laptop, rental cars and flights. Oops, wrong again, not cool at all. Mostly annoying and tiring, heh.

Edit: The job I interviewed for is not in the Adult industry, even though what I wrote might sound like it :)