Monday, October 31, 2005

Deep Stack

Don’t be like me.

As in, I played in the $10+1 deep stack tourney on Stars yesterday and went out because of the biggest idiot move EVER on my part. It was, in fact, so dumb I can’t even bring myself to recount it in any detail lest I become so embarrassed that I run and lock myself in a dark closet for the rest of the week as penance.

And with that, I humbly prostrate myself before the NL experts in the ‘sphere and request advice and/or strategy for deep stack tourney.

DoubleAs , and I know others, have posted a lot of material on deep stack cash games but I’m curious how this might differ from the deep stack tourney strategy. I may be (again) showing my ignorance here, but it seems to me there would definitely be some extra considerations to take into account.

Regardless, it was certainly interesting to play with the deep stack format, even though it was kind of uncomfortable given the fact that I’ve never played in a deep stack environment before. I’m also curious to hear what everyone thinks of this format in general. I can see how the more skilled players would favor this, but the nature of online play being what it is, I can see that the time necessary to play one of these would certainly be a mitigating factor.

Have a great week, everyone. 39 days and counting until VEGAS!