Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Going for it

There is no failure except in no longer trying. ~Elbert Hubbard

I decided on Halloween Day to give it a try after watching the event roll past me last year. I wasn't even planning on letting anyone know about it, but that would defeat at least part of the purpose. Day 2 is in the books, 28 more to go.

I really need to go back to Pauly's archives for his commentary on Tiffany Williamson. Watching her play last night made be feel damn near professional in my skills. To be fair, I think a lot of my thoughts on her play is due to editing, as I just can't imagine someone getting that consistently lucky to make it that deep into such a large field. There had to be some good play that got her there, we just didn't see any of it last night.

Busy now, more later. Shhhh, don't tell work :)