Thursday, October 27, 2005

Positive, for once.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting The Human Head, made with real bits of poker, so you know I’m good.

60% of the time, I win every time.

(Okay, I confess. I’ve had Anchorman on in the background at least 3 days this week while working on various things)

Good Stuff.

Wow, great times right now at PokerStars. I don’t think there is a need to enumerate much more than that, other than to say that last night things were almost PartyPoker-ish.

Again, Good Stuff.

Throughout all of my pontifications this year, both on and off-line, I have maintained that 2005 has just been kind of a generally shitty year for all (OK, backtrack…many) involved. Nothing too drastically shitty (ignoring New Orleans, current and ongoing political douchebaggery, and other various catastrophic events), just one of those years that nothing seems to go quite how it ought to.

As we near the end, I think that 2005 is getting tired and is ready for a nap. Over the last couple of weeks it dawned on me just how close we are to WPBT III: The Search for Sobriety (feel free to insert your own words or tagline here---My Dignity, Clean Shorts, Breath Mints, SoCo, Competent Wait Staff…you get the idea) . In other areas things have been steadily looking up, as well. Opportunities are poking their little heads out from the most unexpected places. I’m being flown elsewhere this weekend in pursuit of an opportunity with some serious potential that is unfortunately not poker-related, possibly resulting in our moving out of this (insert your own non-complimentary adjective here) city.

My holding is better-than-marginal, but I haven’t moved my stack in the middle….yet. I’m trying to finalize my read and keep in mind that 2005 could still very well deal me a nasty river card. This isn’t too likely, but then again a 2-outer never is.

Good Stuff.