Saturday, February 19, 2005

That Crushing Feeling

Yesterday, after finishing some schoolwork that took me less time than I thought it would, I jumped into a $5 SnG on Stars and had a feeling that I now realize I had only thought I had experienced.

The feeling of completely CRUSHING a game. No doubts, no other considerations. The other players simply had no chance.

Now, I know you’re thinking “Whooptee-fucking-doo, crushing a $5 SnG is no big feat for most people possessing opposable thumbs and the basic ability to walk upright” and of course you’re right.

While it has never been a big problem to beat and/or place well in the $5 and $10 SnG’s, I mention it not in some lame attempt at bragging, but due to the sheer joy of finally truly experiencing that ‘Crushing’ feeling. I have read about it, and I have heard others tell tale, but to finally experience it makes me very excited and somewhat relieved. Finally, after 18 months of playing, I’ve taken a mental step I’ve known to be necessary, but couldn’t seem to hold onto. One of sitting down, immediately identifying weaknesses and styles, and then unmercifully pounding on the others like my own personal redheaded stepchild.

The humble $$ level is of no import, it was a beautiful thing.

I’ll be trying to get in some play today, but I have to bathe the dogs and help clean the house since we have some folks coming over tonight. The couple coming over are in the throes of pre-engagement love, so it should be amusing to see from the outside the way that the wife and I once were. You know what I’m talking about….a time when you and your other half looked like two people suffering from congenital heart failure permanently trying to resuscitate each other. I plan on having some relaxing fun, as I have been alone with my own mind way too much over the last couple of months, and even though I know I’ll regret it tomorrow, I think I may just go for what I imagine (having never actually witnessed one) to be an AlCantHang drunk.

Updates tomorrow, provided I still have a motor skill or two left to my name.