Monday, February 21, 2005

Remastered Goodness

Here is sit, all brokenhearted
Tried to work,
But only farted.

Yes, it’s true; I’m sitting at work on this most auspicious of holidays, one of the very few instances that I’m actually jealous of the salaried folk. Oh well, it is what it is.

I wish I had some more substantial content to share, but all I can think about is the fact that I’m actually looking forward to taking a dump, as that is most likely going to be the only thing that breaks the monotony of the next six hours. The weather was beautiful this weekend (for once), so I spent most of it doing some constructive things other than poker, like socializing and poking my giant head outside for once.

Saturday evening was some good fun, and well, toe-down is about the only way to describe it. Stupid Stolichnaya.

I awoke on Sunday morning with full intentions of getting a post written, and while I still had the motor skills to type, the aforementioned vodka had slowed my thinking to the point of actually moving backwards, hence no post. What does one do in a condition such as this? Why, go out and spend some poker profit! After all, what fun is money if you don’t do anything with it?

Thanks to my new television, I am now a movie purchasing freak. A couple of weeks back, the wife and I made a score at Hollywood Video when they were having a sale on DVD’s, 3 for $30. So, for a nominal fee we added….

· Anchorman Uncut (I’m a sucker for anything Will Ferrell)
· City of God
· Garden State
· Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
· Napoleon Dynamite
· Hero

….to the collection. Yesterday though, I broke from my budget conscious tradition and went big, buying both The Ultimate Matrix Collection and The Alien Quadrilogy. Rush home, whip up a nice meal, herbally prepare, and then spend the next seven hours enveloped in the warm embrace of digitally remastered goodness. No computer screens, no virtual tables, just what the doctor ordered.

Now I’m ready to get back to the tables, and I have to work. Curses!

Since I’m sure many of you have a bit of extra time today, I thought you might enjoy Banned from Poo Mountain. Here’s hoping that you enjoyed it as much as I did, although I probably would have renamed it “Pothead discovers Richard Brautigan.”

Thinking Big. Head Much Bigger. Talk at ya soon…..