Friday, February 25, 2005

Totally Super Pumped


I haven’t been to Vegas since the wife and I had our honeymoon there in 2000. Thankfully, my wife saw the signs as I did and we realized that it’s high time for another trip.

We’ve been planning since this last Christmas to go to Vegas for Christmas 2005, and spent some time last night hemming and hawing about whether two trips to Vegas in the same year would be too much. What the hell were we thinking? Of course it’s not!

So, on June third, the Head + wife will be landing for the tenth time in Vegas, ready to get to the tables with some poker players who all have a similar urge to publish stuff on the Web. We’re going to be staying at the Golden Nugget because neither of us has stayed in “old Vegas” before, plus it’s cheap as hell. Airfare and 3 nights at the hotel cost us $650, NICE.

Now where did I put that spare liver?