Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Tilting like a mofo right now, and of all things, due to a couple of puny-ass $5 SnG’s—Good Lord I’m lame.

I feel pretty good that I at least have the sense to shut things the hell down, but at the same time I feel no better. There’s not a damn thing you can do when shitbox players keep catching cards.

After a year and a half of playing, I’m still getting entirely too angry with low limit players who don’t know any better. I know all of the correct outlooks to have, but I can’t seem to internalize it to the point where I actually don’t care. I still expect to win every time I play, I have GOT to learn to quit that shit and let it go. Do any of the folks who have actually developed the “numbness” have any sage advice for me to work on?

Funny, I also just realized that I am getting upset losing a pissant amount of money, and yet I think nothing of giving away the same money to Starbucks for a couple of cups of fancifully flavored brown water—geez, get a grip, dude. Maybe one of these sites should develop a delicious caffeine-induced buzz for people that lose.

Wow, I’m feeling much better now. If this blog serves no other purpose, I have at least learned one thing: Writing really helps me come down from a tilting attack, even if it’s bad writing.

Fear not though, I am still making some good poker decisions. Namely, I gave my wife fifty of the tournament dollars I won from the other night. I started her out about a month ago with $50 cash money, and she’s been pretty much treading water, just playing SnG’s, so I figured the fifty tourney bucks would help her get a boost….and boosting is just what it seems to be doing. She’s pretty much kicking ass and taking names.

On the other more interesting blogs front, Iggy made mention of something related to him by Otis about bloggers either being diarists or reporters. Being one of the diarist/opiner camp I am WAY thankful for the reporter style, as I am entirely too lazy or busy (I like to think busy) to ever cull all of that information myself. I wasted about 10 minutes going back and forth with myself as to which style was “better”. The answer, quite obviously, is neither, and I cursed myself for overcomplicating such a question for so long in my own mind. Regardless of which style you lean toward, build it and they will come. “They” may be few, but come they will.

ScurvyDog is running his own little blogging contest, so get over there and read his blogging goodness. It’s chock full of great info for whoring of most types (sorry folks, for that type of whoring instruction, I have no links), and entertaining to boot, which is more than I can say of myself in the last week, but I hope to rectify that shortly. I’m trying to improve my writing chops, but as I flail around for a “voice” some crap will inevetably come along with the good stuff. I hope to be able to tilt the proverbial scales in the ‘good outweighs the bad’ direction soon.

Again, thanks everyone for hanging with me as I flail.