Monday, January 23, 2006

A sporting weekend

Friday I was feeling a bit stir crazy, and after having made myself stay away for so long, I figured that it was high time I jump on the WPBT IRC channel. Why did I wait so long? Well, it may sound silly and stupid, but the primary reason for doing so is the addictive power of hanging with the blogging bretheren. I have a giant fear that hanging out in the channel will end up monopolizing too much of my time. Yep, definitely silly and stupid, but hey, it is what it is.

I was also flattened by sickness Friday evening and it continued through the entire weekend. Hey waitaminute….Gracie was hanging out in the channel on Friday….then I got sick. Could it be that she has contagion powers over the ether? Further investigation may be warranted.

Many thanks to April for the great HORSE tourney, it was great fun even though I played like a complete donkey, lemur, fucktard, asshat, barely functioning retard, (insert you’re your favorite poker adjective for poor play here). Can someone please explain for the love of God why in the hell do I constantly get the greatest Stud hands on the planet whenever Razz comes around, but when we’re back to Stud I’m dealt a never-ending stream of premium Razz holdings? A rigged conspiracy, I tell ya. (I keed)

I stayed in line with things I never do this weekend by watching some football, as well. Sort of. I watched the tail end of the Steelers game and was easily bored because it was just a massacre and waited for the Seattle game. No excitement there either, as Seattle treated Carolina like its bitch the entire time. I watch football approximately four times per year so when I do I want the game to be close and exciting, dammit. Let’s hope the Super Bowl gives us a better contest.

I cleaned a couple of $10+1 toilets this weekend, so I decided to spend a portion of the profits on the Morales/Paquiao fight. I’m pretty much against sports betting in general because I know little about it save the fact that people lose GOBS of money doing it. However, I was tempted more than once to put money on Pacquiao. Of course, the fight was every bit as fantastic as the first and Pacquiao beat Morales down quite efficiently. Yet another case of not going with my gut and being poorer for it. Don’t be like me.

That’s all I have time to scratch out today, kiddo’s. I am slammed at work and have school tonight so I’ll catch ya tomorrow.