Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Here she coooomes....

I wonder sometimes where in the heck I’d be if it wasn’t for other bloggers. Joanne illuminated the reason why canucks have to answer questions for sweepstakes winnings. Felicia suggested a few books to read that I imagine I should have read some time ago. I ordered The Psychology of Poker and Killer Poker, and after reading about them, I think they are going to help a ton with what are the biggest problems with my game at this point, the psychological/emotional aspect. Many Thanks!

I only played in one SnG last night, took 2nd, and that’s that. There is precious little time for poker at the moment, but I’m still trying to get some in at least every other day so that by the time the June WBPT Event rolls around I still remember that a flush beats a straight.

Of course in the grand tradition of talking about useless things, today is as good as any other to talk about Miss USA. You truly know that there is nothing but crap on TV when Miss USA is the best thing going. After another disappointing episode of Poker Superstars Invitational we turned to the pageant, which was our last, but only, choice of things to watch while doing schoolwork. I decided at that point to spend the next hour emulating The Donald:

This is the classiest pageant in the history of the world, with most beautiful women in the solar system. It has the most gold, the most celebrities and easily has the classiest and highest television ratings in every country on earth. You know, I was on the phone just yesterday with the King of Dubai, and he was telling me just how much he loves this classy operation, how much his people love me and the pageant, and how he should probably give me some money because of the general classiness I exude. It’s really just incredible and it’s the first time this pageant has been done in such a classy manner….(etc. etc.)”

Needless to say, at this point Mrs. Head was doing her best to try and tune me out, but hey, the dog’s were interested in my Trump diatribe, so it wasn’t a total loss. Then there’s my nemesis, Billy Bush, who is like a worse version of Ryan Seacrest, if that’s possible. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because he’s short or something, but he annoys me to no end. To be sure, the entire cast of Entertainment Tonight, E!, TV Guide Channel ‘correspondents’ have the same effect on me, but Billy seemed to stand out last night. Every time I happen upon one of those shows or channels, I wonder what it would be like if my job was to talk about commercials advertising other commercials, which pretty much sums up what they do. Yeesh.

Then there is the issue of celebrity judges. Perhaps I simply don’t understand since I’m not a celebrity (other than in my own head), but is great knowledge suddenly bestowed upon you once you are officially declared a celebrity? Sugar Ray Leonard judging a beauty pageant? I’d gladly take any advice or judgment he may feel like handing down when it comes to boxing, but if I was a beauty pageant contestant I would be annoyed. Perhaps this is why I’m not a contestant. Well, that, and the fact I’m not a beautiful woman. Oh yeah, the swimmer gold medalist guy? Why? Isn’t he still like 16 or something? He can’t judge correctly whether or not he should drink and drive, but can judge an important pageant? Go figure.

Miss North Carolina was the winner (our second choice), although Mrs. Head and I agreed that Miss New York should have won. Now I can rest easy though, we have a new Miss USA, and if you believe The Donald…”she’s the classiest and highest rated Miss USA in the history of time.”

Thankfully, today is Tuesday, so I can look forward to Scrubs, The Office, and The Shield buoying my TV watching spirits. Have a great day, everyone!