Wednesday, January 12, 2005


First things first. I updated my blog links, as there were several blogs that I read regularly that I keep forgetting to put up. So, if you want to have a link on the list, just let me know so I can get it up. After all, I’m an idiot and need to be prodded sometimes.

I am still VERY new to this ever growing poker blogging community, seeing as how I just started doing this less than two months ago. However, thanks to every single one of the more experienced poker blogging trailblazers out there for making me feel welcome and encouraged. It has definitely put some excitement and motivation back into the game for me. It’s completely amazing to me as I pay more attention (or at least try to) to the goings-on of the poker blogging community just how much it grows every day. 2005, while not starting out all that well for me personally because of the horrific local weather, looks to be a great year for those who are serious about their blog. I want to be one of those. Wait, I WILL be. How’s that for a positive note?

If you haven’t yet, you REALLY need to get over to HDouble and congratulate him on his new job with Full Tilt Poker. Not only were the write-up’s leading to the announcement great, but the entire blog is nothing short of amazing. Otis has wrapped up his blog for PokerStars. If you haven’t read the entire thing, do yourself a favor and take the time out to do so. Last, but CERTAINLY not least, Iggy just announced a tentative date for the next blogger tourney, February 2, 9PM EST on PokerStars. $20 buy-in, and worth every penny to play with the bloggers I admire, especially since I’m never up late enough to find or play at the blogger table on Party. (Insert Homer Simpson) **Stupid inner senior citizen**

No poker for the last couple of days, which saddens me. Dealing with weather/insurance along with work leaves me with little energy or time at the end of the day. Playing for only 30 minutes or so just seems like more of an exercise in futility than anything, as I feel most comfortable taking at least an hour to lose my chips. But I do have one poker related question that I have not been able to figure out in my 16 months of play. Why do people (at all sites) sit at a table and then immediately sit out, take up space for an inordinate amount of time, and then leave? It’s seems to be pretty bad at nearly all of the tables on Party, and is a serious problem on the 7 Card Stud tables on PokerStars. I used to play stud pretty regularly, but now it’s bad enough I don’t even bother anymore, as there were precious few playing that game to begin with. I would REALLY love to know the reason people do this sort of thing so much. It’s probably not worth the bother trying to figure out though, as the reasons are most likely too numerous and too idiotic to count.

I know what you’re all wondering. “Head, all of the news/questions/updates are great, but what’s been annoying you lately? We need to hear some negative yin to the preceding positive yang”

A few quick ones:

  • That goddamn Trimspa commercial that keeps running. Want some Money? Wanna new car? No Anna Nicole, I want you to go away. Permanently.
  • The rash of “We Card” television propaganda. The fact that you have added to the morbidly obese monster that is the current crushing bureaucracy is in no way commendable. Thanks for wasting more money on useless shit. You haven’t prevented kids from getting anything, you’ve only made it slightly more difficult, and therefore more desirable. Idiots.
  • *Insert random thing here*--The Anti-Drug. I can’t/shouldn’t need to say too much about this one. I’m preparing an Insidious Propaganda rant coming soon to a post near you. Won’t someone please Think of the Children.

That’s all for today folks, as I’m off to go make a living while I wait for the riches from blogging to roll onto my lap :) I also have to do a new Linux install on my tinfoil hat so I can continue to Think Big, while ‘The Man’ and my head continue to be Much Bigger.