Friday, January 14, 2005

For Shame, Stripper. For Shame.

Oh boy, so much to say. How fortuitous that doesn’t limit post length.

First, the recent community drama. I commented on it a bit yesterday, but was pretty unfazed by the whole thing, and determined to go ahead and keep her link up on this blog, at least for a bit longer (though, if I kept reading constant two sentence posts about Pat or trips to ND or wherever, it was coming down anyway). Yesterday though, was the post that broke the blogger’s back. She decided to put down Alton Brown. Oh, the horror. Now, I will say that Alton can be corny and sometimes annoying, but by and large his show is very informative and at least in my humble case, interesting. While I am not a diehard Alton fanboy or anything, I decided “That’s it”, because next thing I know she’ll be taking shots at Anthony Bourdain, which is something that I will not stand for. I’m going to guess she is probably a fan of that ewok, Emeril. (Yes, I know. He’s a great chef, but have you heard the way he speaks on his show? “Like such”, indeed. )

Taking shots at ‘The Hammer’---Bad

Taking shots at Felicia---Even Worse

Actually saying, “I have no interest in being in the limelight”—Fucking Priceless.

No interest in the limelight? What was all that Hammer and Felicia criticism? Deep thoughts from a JuCo savant? Give this community some freakin’ credit. I don’t think it’s out of line in any way to say that at least 95% of us do this in an effort to be “in the limelight” in some shape or form. I’ve always found reading and writing to be deeply satisfying pursuits (which are extended by blogging), but if there wasn’t that “off chance” that blogging could bring some small modicum of notoriety and/or financial gain in the future, I most likely wouldn’t be doing it. If you really “have no interest in being in the limelight”, shut down your blog and grab a pen and paper for your thought documentation

I, for one, am not ashamed to say that I love watching my hit counter. It satisfies my inner narcissist. I know myself well enough to admit it.

Oh yeah, and regardless of what happens in the future, I can guarantee that every time “The Hammer” takes down a pot, as a community we will continue to collectively cream in our jeans.

OK, enough of that business. I know I should probably just be ignoring it, as trolls tend to wither and die when ignored, but I couldn’t help myself this time. On a more pleasant note, Catching the Antichrist linked to a great article by Howard Lederer called Poker and Zen. I actually bookmarked it and printed it off in an effort to constantly remind myself where I’m rally at in this ever so frustrating journey. I am admittedly still way too results oriented. It is easily my biggest hole, and an issue that very quickly and easily slips my mind, so thanks to Anisotropy for bringing the issue up again in his post a couple of days ago. One of these days I’ll have a good portion of these damn holes plugged and will be able to blog about playing higher than $.50/1 games and cheap tourneys. One day I’ll be up there with some of the bigger boys. Am I jealous much? You bet I am, it keeps me motivated.

Last but not least, for those who might give a shit, here is the tinfoil portion: Pair arrested after telling lawyer jokes. Land of the Free, indeed.

It might just be me, but 2005 seems to be starting out as one crazy-ass, fucked up year. Not all bad, though, it never is. I’ll remain here, however, trying to Think Big, while my head will forever be Much Bigger.