Monday, January 10, 2005

Small update and question

I always try to follow the 30BB rule. If I lose more than 30BB in a session, quit. I should have quit last night at 20, but like a moron decided to take my final 10BB’s to the PL tables. Idiot. Over the course of about 4.5 hours paying $.50/1 on Party, I should have known that it just wasn’t my night and fought another day. Every good hand got sucked out on. Every crap hand that I folded flopped huge. Ugh. No bad beat stories or anything, as I am realizing from the Party vets that this is par for the course when deep sea fishing. I hate waking up in the morning knowing that I threw away 10BB’s that I shouldn’t have, though.

My extended session yesterday did bring a question for all of the Party vets out there. Is the need to constantly table hop a pretty normal thing in the pursuit of the fishies, or not? A good 7 out of the 20BB’s I lost playing Limit last night was due to (this is my perception, at least) paying blinds more often because of the following: Find a table with large average pot size (at least $10) and sit. Post blinds and scope out fish on the first orbit. Wait for playable hands. It is here that one of two things happened. I got a playable hand beaten by said fish more often than not, or, I had no cards and everyone else takes the fishes money. Table breaks or goes shorthanded very quickly with no one else sitting. Now I have to go find another table. I can’t even count the number of tables I had to hop in 4 hours. Is this normal? I HATE table hopping, but when you get pots drop to an average of $3-4 from an average of $10-12, there is little choice. Another thing I’ll have to adjust to, I guess. Party money currently sitting at $51, and boy am I feeling REALLY lame right about now.

On the good side of things, I played four $5/.50 SnG’s yesterday and took 3-3-1-1, four out of four in the money. Stepped up to a $10+1, and went out on the first hand when my KK got beaten by 1010 when he flopped his 10. Oh well, I’ll take that bet every time.

If you haven’t done so yet, get your butt over to read Otis in the Caribbean. The man is definitely earning his money over there, and I imagine he's pretty miserable doing it :)