Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Just Fear...No Loathing (that will come later)

I cannot lie, I’m a little nervous right about now. My car has been totaled, but I don’t really care about that so much right now. We have two giant, very old trees in our yard. How high they are I won’t even hazard a guess, other than to say, “REALLY FUCKING HIGH.” The tree closest to our back deck claims the prize for doing the car in, and my fear right now is that the much larger and much older tree at the other corner of the backyard might feel the need to show off to the first tree by trashing our house. One of i’s very giant limbs is hanging directly over the SW part of our house. Two large pieces have sheared off of the tree thus far, one barely missing the very SW corner of the house and back deck, and the other one that it was attached to, sheared and now resting on the ‘very giant’ limb hanging over the more substantial portion of the house. This is why I’m writing and worrying, as if that limb needed more weight added to it.

I’d say that the chances right now are about 50/50 as to whether or not our house gets punctured. I did have it at about 25/75, but with the added weight recently heaped upon it, along with the weather report that the icing will continue throughout tonight to be met tomorrow with wind and a trace to 3” of snow, things are looking a little less than promising. The thing that is making it worse (and really freaking my wife out) is the fact you can hear trees groaning and breaking all over the neighborhood. Imagine Mother Nature herself groaning with labor pains directly over your head and you’ll have an idea.

As we speak I am trying to barter any good karma and/or luck I have built up in my account with any and all higher powers in trade for nothing happening to the house. I REALLY don’t need the hassle and headache. Who does, right?

Does anyone have some higher power chits I can borrow for bartering, just to be sure? I swear I’ll pay you back. I better post this before the Internet goes out, as I feel lucky to still have it along with my power. My image hosting seems to be acting up, so I will post some pics when I can. Wish me luck…

Even in the midst of a disaster, I’m still trying to Think Big, but Dear God, that branch (not my head this time) is Much Bigger.