Thursday, January 06, 2005

Frigid pondering.

Tomorrow it’s going to get above freezing. It should stay there for at least four minutes, but hey, oatmeal is better than no meal, right? Yesterday, I was forced to do two things I didn’t want to do. The first, I had to stay home from work. What?!!! Yes, I know. It sounds as hideous saying it as it does reading/hearing it. What reason could I possibly have for actually wanting to go to work? Well, I knew I wouldn’t be in a good frame of mind or have much of an opportunity to get in any poker play. I also knew that I would have to deal with (this is the second thing I DID NOT want to do) Enterprise.

No, fellow nerds, I speak not of the ship. I speak instead of that malignant plague of a car rental company with which so many insurance companies seem to be contracted. Of course, with only $30/day paid for by insurance, I didn’t expect too much. I was not disappointed. How is it that this huge company never seems to have any cars available? This is the third time (not because of wrecks, Hand of God/Stupid Bird situations) that I have had to deal with these twits, and they NEVER have anything available. (Did you know that just to get an entry-level position, you have to be a college graduate? What did these people graduate with? From my experiences, my best guess is they’re home economics graduates with 2.0 GPA’s or less.) After some deft maneuvering, I managed to dodge the bullet that is the Dodge Neon, and ended up with a Chevy Cavalier. Only slightly less painful. It’s very tiny and very tinny. I now truly have an idea how a sardine must feel, minus the oil bath. I’m cruising around town in the Little Engine that Could. I wish it that it Couldn’t, because then I could demand something better for the same price. I hate oatmeal.

I may not have had the opportunity to play, my friends, but I have still been thinking (some might even say Thinking Big), and have stumbled into asking myself a question that I personally feel I am too inexperienced to answer.

What if a person had, say, a 20K (just an example, feel free to insert your own number here) or more bankroll. This person is a confirmed solid player, having built said bankroll from nothing. However, through ***insert circumstances here*** they end up losing the entire thing. This person’s significant other, or perhaps they themselves, impose a poker exile of no less than one year. After the year (or perhaps longer), would it be possible to get back up to the same level of excellence they formerly played at, or would it be more akin to being a beginner again, having to relearn many lessons on the way back up? How much is poker a use it or lose it skill? Does it start out as a ‘use or lose’ skill, and once you reach a certain level of proficiency become ‘permanent’? Is this a completely retarded question that shouldn’t even be taking up space on the page, let alone in my head? In my defense, as a player with a $700-800ish bankroll, this question has been in the back of my skull a lot, as one night of really insane, batshit, fucktard tilt could do in my roll pretty quickly. Not that I would ever do that, of course…..

What say you, esteemed blogsphere residents?