Sunday, March 04, 2007

Never again with the standard earbuds

Since ridding ourselves of the demigod television 60 or so days ago, we have been forced to seek other stimulation. Beside the fact that it has necessitated a redoubling of will not to knock up this classy dame that lives with me, it also saw the realization that my headphones were seriously substandard.

So I bought these. Yowza, nice.

If the bottom end of the Shure spectrum is this good, the thought of their upper-crusty $400 model makes me positively giddy. Rachel immediately demanded her own pair, which for her is strange because she doesn’t demand…ever.

Get’em. I can’t imagine how anyone could be disappointed in them. (Except perhaps one thing--you may be disappointed if you fail to follow the fitting instructions and get the right earpiece for you in place. They feel hideous if inserted incorrectly, as do most things, I suppose.)

I got a hold of a FLAC version of Bitches Brew and it sounds wicked, as does the rest of my music. My appreciation of jazz immediately went up a few points simply because every little nuance could be heard lending a depth to the music that certainly wasn’t there previously.

I’m not getting paid to flog these, I swear. If you appreciate your music and have thus far been content with the standard phones that came with your player, be content no more. These provide a higher end experience without anally raping your pockets.