Thursday, January 25, 2007

Guess what I saw

[Editors note--Everyone, welcome Hashimoto (of the Hashimoto's, purveyors of fine thyroid issues)

Hi, everyone. I saw the following today and thought it was funny. Since Sharing is Caring, I thought I'd share with you.

Silver/dust-colored Buick, early 80’s model, over burdened by its occupants who apparently just left the shooting of a Hee-Haw reunion show. The handicapped placard hanging from the rear-view is slightly obscured by the “patina” of the windows and partially blocked the driver’s 10-gallon hat. Or perhaps by one of ma’s curlers (ma is in the back seat, and not to be mistaken with The Ol’ Lady in the front seat).

On the bumper, in the areas not covered with rust, is one lonely sticker. It reads:

Lincoln Elementary readers are tomorrow’s leaders.