Sunday, January 14, 2007


The Times Online, today:

Administration officials are already pondering alternative strategies for Iraq, should the surge fail. Dumping Maliki is an obvious first step. According to one congressman, Bush told him on the phone last week: “This has to work or you’re out.”
Iraqis—Free, democratic, and sovereign, as long as they cooperate.


Considering the holiday tomorrow, here is the obligatory MLK quote:

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

That’s the idea, anyway. Too bad it’s further away from being practiced than ever before. Wealth is being concentrated ever more at the very top—80% of the worlds assets and wealth are concentrated into the top 2%. US infrastructure is continually being given away for pennies on the dollar (whatever “dollar” is worth these days), and American labor is further eschewed in favor of foreign slave labor.

Don’t worry. Continue focusing on “retraining” and “updating” your skills. This way you can get a job that pays less and has fewer benefits than the one you will be forced from.

All men are created equal, unless the government determines you are one of the “terrorists”. Proof? Pfft, not for the persona non grata—it has been declared.

All men are created equal, unless the government deems it necessary to restrict you “for your protection.”

All men are created equal, as long as they are in line behind the fake notion of security and its attendant smoke and mirrors fascistic implementation.

All men are created equal, as long as all men toe one of the two party lines that have been set forth by elites. Any departure from set forth government-approved (see also: Party Approved) philosophies, dogmas, demagogues, directives, action items, orders, or policies is strictly forbidden. Only terrorists stand on the outside (see above)

All men are created equal, as long as they can afford to be. No money? That’s too bad; perhaps you should have been more serious about your retraining.

I have a dream, also. In fact, I have several of them.

More truth and reality--Less propaganda and colorful, shiny illusion

More character and integrity--Less partisanship, cronyism, lobbying, and other forms of sanctioned deceit.

More accountability--Less quiet resignation.

More habeas corpus--Less “robust interrogation”

More Constitution—Less color of law.

More of everything we are supposed to be—Less of what we currently are.

Enjoy your many liberties tomorrow, civil and otherwise. Just make sure you keep it confined to your free speech zone at a reasonable volume with no smoking.