Monday, November 13, 2006

Kicked in the Junk, indeed.

Time and time again over the last couple of years I have gone on at great length and with great sarcasm about anything smacking of the sentiment Save the Children. It's no secret that I'm generally annoyed by children for all sorts of different reasons, some definitely more valid than others.

Today I realized something. I don't hate kids at all. The reason that I cannot stand the thought of having children is that I cannot stand the thought of something so essentially innocent not even having a chance.

Sit down, close the poker table, shut down the iPod, radio, TV, and listen to what is being ignored and has been woefully underreported.

John Yoo, one of the architects of U.S. legal policy on torture in a public forum debate with Doug Cassel, International Human Rights expert. Please make sure you are paying very close attention to the last 1/3 of the six minute clip.

Now look at your kids. What if anyone ever calls you a terrorist? It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s true, it just has to be “put out there”. Perception is the only reality now, substance doesn't even enter into the debate. It’s not like there needs to be a warrant, or charges, or evidence, or anything even close thanks to the (now signed into law) 2006 Military Commissions Act. Ask yourself, if Democrat leadership is so effective and decent as compared to the big bad neo-cons and Republicans that were just swept out, how come they have not uttered the word “repeal”?

Maybe there are bigger and better things to do, like shoving an Amnesty Plan through for people here illegally. Is this how problems are dealt with? Declare them non-existent? Is that something you get to do under a continually increasing tax/debt burden as you make less and your money becomes even more worthless? Do you teach your children to declare things non-existent? Also worth remembering *again* is that the Republicans rejected Amnesty—So now that those guys are out, has Bush really lost anything? Oh yeah, he’s losing the dead weight of Cheney and Rumsfeld. They’ve helped start the wars they needed to; he can take it to Iran without them.

Do you really think they’re trying to avoid war? You need do some real research. You better wake the fuck up. These are the people who can conceive of crushing your kid’s testicles if they decide you are terrorist enough. Don’t be afraid of the terrorists you can’t see, be afraid of the one’s that you can.

I hate the all of the Save the Children mantras out there just as much as I ever did. It’s because they are not saving anyone or anything. They are using your natural instincts and emotions to blind you, and they are perverting the entire concept of saving children, making many (including myself up to now) discount or hate it, when fundamentally it is good.

Start taking back the country and life that’s being stolen from you.

Join a real Save the Children campaign.