Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Min Bet Monkey Swarm

Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve been this happy about it being Tuesday. Yesterday was farkin awful, which makes me kind of happy since it makes it even more unlikely that the rest of the week could be worse. Then again, you never know…

You know it’s time to give up on (insert day of the week here) when the best thing on TV is Steven Seagal. Granted, it was Marked for Death which was the coolest movie ever when I was 14, but that was nearly 15 years ago; not so much anymore.

What to do? Fire up the gambling machines. Mrs. Head is still plugging away at the $5 SnG’s and her game is making quite a few leaps, even if her starter bankroll is not. She’s taken some vicious beats over the last month, culminating in her first ‘my opponent hit his one outer’ beat. It was brutal, but to her credit she keeps her head about her a lot better than I do in similar situations, taking a 3rd place finish last night. I fired up a $1/2 table and a $5 SnG and ended up taking a 2nd place along with ending up about 5BB at the Limit table, which was pretty rocky, but what the hell I wasn’t there for very long.

OK, enough with the long windedness concerning trivial things. While the Mrs. and I are playing and discussing the bad, horrible, atrocious, appalling, etc. play on the $5 level, both of us tried to come up with an explanation for the latest epidemic on the low limit SnG’s. This is something that has always been around to some extent, but it seems to have gotten much worse as of late.

Example: Early stages (10/20) and someone raises to t100, which 4 other nits call, of course. The pot is t500 or so, monkey min bets, is raised to t220 and calls. Turn comes and the monkey min bets again, gets raised and calls. River comes….oh, another min bet from the monkey! Of course, another raise comes and monkey calls to show bottom pair and lose.

It gets even more amusing when other players try to bluff the min bet monkey, and they do try frequently. Don’t think I’m complaining, these players are absolute gold, but what’s the deal? I am seriously curious how this technique is being perpetuated as good practice. Regardless of who is teaching that this is good NL technique, and regardless of the conditions causing the increase in it’s acceptance, it’s getting pretty bad (or I should say good). In the last three tiny buy-in SnG’s I’ve played, four or five of the nine players were min bet monkeys.

Human Head Tip of the Day: If you want to relax with some poker and make a bit of money while not having to invest more than peanuts, take some time and frustration out on the recent swarm of min bet monkeys. It’s good fun, very relaxing, and doesn’t do damage to the roll.

Seriously, mini-Blood could run over most of these. Well, maybe that’s not a good example. Judging from the stories, he’d likely wipe the floor with me, as well.