Monday, April 25, 2005

Huge Junk = Huge Win

The tourney last night was great! All 15 minutes of it. Goddamn Hilton sisters. I felt better that Pauly and Maudie went out around the same time I did, but couldn’t shake the tainted feeling that exiting because of poor play inevitably leaves. So, while I watched the bloggers that were still alive, I entered in the $10+1 MTT, and proceeded to bust about 75 places short of the money. To say my play is less than stellar right now would be a gross understatement.

Bob bested the entire field to take the seat wielding his twice confirmed huge stack. He also just turned 29, so if you haven’t yet, stop by his site to congratulate him on his momentous week. I wonder if ESPN will air a bunch of drunks chanting “huge junk” when Bob goes all-in at the final table.