Sunday, March 13, 2005

HORSE Report (gonna be short)

As expected, my ass was handed to me. High Plains Drifter stopped by to wish me good luck at the start, much appreciated!

Great fun, along with the pleasure of playing with Todd Commish, UwannaBet, STB, and Mike at Poker Words, made the five bucks definitely worth it.

I did actually make it through one full HORSE, however, so that’s better than I thought. While shorted stacked on the final hand of Stud 8, I had AA 10 10 (first 4 cards)and ended up getting rivered by the low straight (I can’t remember who nailed me, but nice hand, whoever you are).

It’s just as well, I need to get packed. I have to spend all of this week in Phoenix for some training, so posts may be a bit sporadic. Anyone know of any cardrooms in the area? If I have any time (which I probably won’t) I’d sure like to get some cards in. After getting beat up at the tables (for small amounts, but beat up nonetheless) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I finally had a smallishly profitable day today, and am kind of antsy for a bit of live play before Vegas in June.

Talk to you all tomorrow, when chances of an airplane rant will be high.

P.S.--Holy Crap, I almost forgot. I dropped my first successful hammer in the first round! After many previous failed attempts, I can now hold my head high :)