Wednesday, February 09, 2005

New evidence.

As if I needed any more evidence illustrating the largesse of my head, I received some more today in a place where I never saw it coming….….

…the place (see: Torture Chamber) where one voluntarily goes to have their dirty little oral secrets laid bare…

The Dentist. (Cue scary music)

Without going into excruciatingly boring detail, due my neglect in flossing the teeth that are furthest back in my head, I ended up with one cavity on top and one on the bottom. So today I drag my still-ebola-ridden ass into the dentist to get it taken care of and be good for another 6 months. After having my face pretty much completely paralyzed on the left side, the dentist takes care of the first tooth and then tells me that I need to make an appointment for next week to take care of the bottom tooth.

“Why can’t we just get it over with now?” I ask.

“I’ve already given you over double the normal dose to properly numb the top row, since you’re so big. I just wouldn’t feel right if I dosed you with any more and then let you drive. Did you ever play football?”

Translation: Given the size of your ginormous head, and the fact that you’ve had enough Novocain to paralyze a rhino, I’m scared I might get sued or beat up if I give you any more. Please come back next week so I can torture you again with my miniature instruments of death.

I haven’t played a lick of poker due to the fact that I have to be at work while I'm sick, which means I go directly home and crash.. Being part-time means I don’t get any sick leave like the fancier full-time folks. Not that I’m horridly jealous, mind you. After all, my hourly rate is quite generous and, well, it’s PART-TIME. I’ll gladly trade a bit of sick leave for 15 less hours per week..

So, to sum up…

Still sick. Haven’t played any poker for three days. Blogged a dental visit.

Welcome to Sick, Large-Headed Blogger Hell. (I’ll do my damndest to have something better in a day or two, thanks for hangin’ around).