Sunday, February 06, 2005

My lame Super Bowl post.

Well, I actually watched most of the Super Bowl, even though I wasn’t planning on it. I had the idea to blog my thoughts on the commercials as it went along, but I only made it to halftime before I found myself intolerably bored. The end of the game was pretty good, but I just can’t help but be bored since I’m not football fan and know pretty much nothing about the game.

“How much nothing?” you ask. I couldn’t even point out the difference between a halfback and a fullback. Yeah, I’m lame.

So, without further ado, here are some observations before I got bored and quit:

Did anyone notice that the kid that flipped the coin didn’t really flip it? He just sorta tossed it up, I don’t even think it completed one revolution. I would have made him redo it, but it was nice of them not to. That kid was probably nervous as hell.

Here are my ratings for some of the commercials (Out of 10). Man, I sure do miss years gone by when the were better…..

  • Bud Light skydiving commercial—Humorous, but you could see the pilot jump coming a mile away..—7.0
  • PDiddy & Diet Pepsi – only mildly humorous—5.5
  • FedEx/Kinkos w/ Burt Reynolds and top ten things needed to have the best commercial. Pretty damn Funny—9.0
  • Bud Light w/ Cedric—Dumb, nuff said.—4.0
  • Diet Pepsi w/ Cindy Crawford, that Queer eye dude and the Bee Gee’s song—6.0
  •—The girl with big breastesses busting out of her shirt before a Senate Subcommittee. Best commercial so far—9.0
  • Bud Light commercial with the cell cams—sadly formulaic—5.0
  • Visa Check Card w/ superheroes—dumb—3.0
  • Ameriquest where the guy on the cell gets his ass whipped for saying to the person on the phone “You got robbed”—Pretty funny—8.5
  • Bud Light with the cockatoo—good one—7.5

And the winner is….it’s a TIE! My two favorites were the Fed Ex/Kinko’s and There may have been better commercials during the second half, but like I said, I didn’t really watch.

Things went fairly well at the tables, however. After watching my wife weather some BRUTAL suckouts in two different SnG’s, I decided to hit the $.50/1 ring game on Stars since Party wasn’t treating me very well (I ended +4BB’s after 3 hours). For the first time in quite a while, we had a real live maniac at the table. I haven’t seen anyone burn through 50 BB’s like that since, well, the last time I was at Party. Thankfully, I was on the receiving end of some good cards, and one big thing that helped was the fact there was no ‘schooling effect’. Everyone knew enough to get out of each others way and isolate the maniac, leading him to lose most of his $50 stack in about 45 minutes. Hooray, I got my grubs on 24 of those dollars.

I think I need to get in some live play to get my game reenergized. It finally dawned on me, the fact that I only play one table at a time means I don’t get in very many hands per week AT ALL. After doing some quick and very unscientific math, I figure I’m getting maybe 500 hands per week on average as of late, not counting tourneys, of course. The bankroll continues to grow, but at a real snails pace.

What kind of things do you all do to get juiced up about the game during an unmotivated slump? I’m really at a loss and having a hard time finding the motivation to put in more serious time. Shouldn’t the money be enough? Probably, but it doesn’t seem to be at the moment.

My apologies if this post was completely lame, but I’m currently resisting that which the ebola monkey (my wife) is spreading throughout the house. It prevents me from Thinking Big like I should. Why can’t it keep my head from being Much Bigger? I guess we’ll never know….