Thursday, February 03, 2005

My shame, laid bare...

Welcome to one of about 100 or so other reports where the blogger in question details their shame.

I think my dog Stella’s face most accurately reflects my post-tourney look and feel—

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But I did learn a few things last night, including but not limited to…..

  • Just because beer has wheat and/or barley in it, this does not make it a substitute for a meal if you arrive home from work hungry and about to play cards.
  • Unless you have Iggy or CantHang somewhere in your name, alcohol may not be the best idea when playing against other folks who can obviously play well. It turns what is under the best of circumstances –EV into just a plain bad idea.
  • That I can’t wait until the next one, and will strive to make a stronger (and more sober) showing.

I exited in a shameful 122nd place when mirvin(Austin) took my ass, kicked it around, and then handed it back as he/she said goodbye. A quick recap of my last hand…

--AJs in middle position, I limp (first mistake), mirvin limps, someone else completes or checks, not sure which. Sorry I can’t remember who else was in the hand, I was going to take notes, but the beer told me not to.

--Flop comes J A Q rainbow. First to act bets T150 and I raise to T450, mirvin call so quick I almost didn’t see it. The part of me that has the ability to Think Big started screaming “ABORT!”, but the beer told me that two pair here was the mortal nuts and I should push. Guess which one I listened to?

--mirvin takes all of my chips with the flopped nut straight.

Here is the last thing I learned (I hope for the last time):

  • AJ really is a shopaholic whore. I think I’m gonna have to choke a bitch.

In my 41 minutes of tourney life I got to play with Bob and ChrisH, which was great fun. I am disappointed not for the money, but for the fact I didn’t get a chance to chat with any of the others. I hung around and watched some of the other tables a bit and even tried to say “HI” while watching Otis, April, and Hank play around the first break. I don’t really remember what I typed (the fuzziness was well set in by this time), but given the lack of response I’m guessing it was pretty f’n idiotic.

Congrats to everyone who got did well, as it was no small feat. I’m going to go jump into some sackcloth and ashes, chastise myself for the rest of the day, and will talk to you tomorrow where I will try to resume Thinking Big, while my head will stay Much Bigger.

Update: I forgot to mention I played with and learned of FHB and his blog, which is a great read., as well as BrentStacks of Lord Admiral Radio. Looks like I’ve got some more linking work to do.